How to Save Videos From X To iPhone Camera Roll (Using Shortcuts) – Faster and Easier Than Online Downloaders

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Wondering if you could save videos from X to iPhone camera roll? Yes, you can save X (Twitter) videos to your iPhone’s camera roll using Apple’s Shortcuts app. The Apple Shortcuts app is pretty a handy utility for iOS users; it lets you do a lot things, including downloading Twitter (X) videos to camera roll. However, there are procedures to achieve this – not to worry, this article details all the steps.

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How to Save Videos From X To iPhone Camera Roll (Using Shortcuts)

Shortcuts is a distinctive app developed by Apple Inc. for its iOS, macOS, WatchOS, and iPadOS systems. The app literally allows Apple device users to create “Macros” to automate different activities. Can this Shortcuts apps download X videos? Yes, it can and below is how to get it done.

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Step One: Install Shortcuts on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). After doing that, you’d also need to download/install the “Shortcut” that allows downloading twitter videos to iPhone camera roll. But before you can install the shortcut for video downloads, you must activate a security settings (check step two).

Step Two: Open your iPhone Settings app, go to Shortcuts and toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. Now, install the X video downloader shortcut via this link. Simply scroll to the bottom and click “Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Step Three: Open X social and search for the video you want to download. Click on the Share button, find Twitter Video Downloader V2.6 in the list, and tap on it. This will launch the downloader and you’d simply need to select a resolution quality you want to download (high, medium, or low quality).

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Just that? Yes, the video would download and save directly to your iPhone camera roll. There is no limit to the number of videos you can download. Alternatively, you can use an online downloader to save videos from X (Twitter) and other social media platforms.

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