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Tuneskit iOS System Recovery for Windows Review

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TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Windows

The TunesKit iOS System Recovery proves to be very useful and helpful for fixing most iOS issues at ease. It further supports extensive features for downgrading iOS versions and fixing iTune problems. This is a comprehensive solution (toolkit) for all iOS device users and owners of Apple TV. In just a few steps, your faulty device will be back to function like a new one without any data loss.

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So your iOS device has been having some issues, and you’re looking for a way to fix that? Well, you may have plans to meet an Apple technician, but that’s not the best option. You can actually fix/repair your iOS devices by yourself using this comprehensive software  – Tuneskit iOS System Recovery. The program comes with a bunch of handy features for its need; plus, it is available for Windows and Macbook computers.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery

This is a full-featured iOS repair tool designed to help users fix all iOS or tvOS issues in a few clicks. It comes with a simple, intuitive user interface, and promises to help out in repairing just about any iOS device stuck with any of these issues: iPhone recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, iPhone boot loop, iOS update failure, and more. Also, the Tuneskit iOS System Recovery boasts to fix most Apple TV problems. It is a handy program for iOS users, so they don’t need to engage the services of a technician to fix most common iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV problems.

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Features of TunesKit iOS System Recovery

Super intuitive user interface

The interface featured by this app is super intuitive and easy to understand. However, there’s no option to toggle between light and dark mode.

Repairs your iOS device without any data loss

This program helps you to fix your iOS device without losing any data. It is developed with security-conscious algorithms, and it ensures all your data are safe after the repair.

Offers two effective modes for iOS/TvOS repair

There are two modes available on this program, which are standard mode and advanced mode; the standard mode works perfectly for minor issues while the advance mode tackles serious issues.

Works in just a few clicks

Interestingly, this app repairs your faulty iOS device in three easy steps. You just connect the device, choose a repair mode, download the firmware, and repair your device.

There are quite other features available on this program, such as downgrading your iOS device, fix iTunes errors, enter/exit recovery mode.

Minimum system requirements

Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

CPU: 1 GHz processor (32-bit, 64-bit), or higher

RAM: at least 1GB RAM

HDD free space: at least 500MB

Supported iOS: iOS 7 to iOS 12

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TunesKit iOS System Recovery Review

This software proves to be really helpful for fixing various iOS and TvOS issues; it worked perfectly and quite fast. Also, there was data loss after the whole process. The intuitive user interface of this program does not require you to follow any guide before you can be able to use the app efficiently. I discovered that this program supports almost all iPhone models (from the newest iPhone X models down to iPhone 4). Also, it works for iPad, iPod, and Apple TVs. This is really impressive, I must say.

As regards the recovery process, it may take some time because of the downloading of the firmware; plus, the “Advanced Mode” takes more time than the “Standard Mode.” However, in all, the TunesKit iOS System Recovery proves to be what it claims. It is important to note that this software updates your iOS device to the latest version after the device is successfully repaired. Furthermore, this is not an iOS management app, but simply a repair toolkit for iOS.

How to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery

The program is available for Windows and macOS. However, we used the Windows version for this review. To get started, download the TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Windows and follow the guides below.

#1 Launch the app and connect your iOS device

Tuneskit iOS repair software 01

After downloading the software, launch in on your PC and connect your iOS device using a USB cable. You’ll have to wait for some seconds for the program to detect your detect. If your device wasn’t recognized, then you should check the USB cable and try again. Once your device is detected, click on “enter recovery mode” to put your device in DFU mode. Until your device is put into DFU mode, you can perform any repair function on it.

#2 Choose between the “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”

Tuneskit iOS repair software 02

Select “Standard Mode” or “Advanced Mode.” The issues that can be solved via the Standard Mode and Advanced Mode are listed in the software window, respectively. So choose a mode that indicates the issue you’re facing on your device. Click next after you have selected a repair mode.

#3 Download your device’s firmware (requires internet connection)

Tuneskit iOS repair software 03

This software will display the information of your connected device, such as the device type (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV), device model, and other important info. Click on the “Download” button to download the latest iOS firmware package for your device to fix the problem. You can also copy the firmware URL and run it on a web browser if it is not downloading via the software. Wait for the download to complete (requires internet connection).

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#4 Fix your iOS device

Tuneskit iOS repair software 05

Once the firmware has successfully downloaded, click on the “Repair” button to fix your iOS device. The fixing process doesn’t take time, and you won’t lose any data on the device.

What more?

Please do not shake the iOS device during any of the processes above, so as to avoid unexpected error or damaging of your device. After your device has been fixed, it will now run on its latest firmware version to offer you the best experience.


Tuneskit Pricing

Well, this is not a free software; however, it has a free trial version. You will have to buy a pro version of this software to enjoy all of its features and efficiency. The single-user license retails at $39.95, the family user license goes for $49.95, and the multi-user license retails at $69.95.

Final verdict

The TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a recommendable iOS repair toolkit. It helps to fix over 30 iOS problems for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and even Apple TVs. The program comes with an understandable interface, and further supports extensive features to fix iTunes problems, as well as iOS version downgrade.

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