Coolmuster Android Assistant V4.2.80 GiveAway Edition 8

We recently reviewed the Coolmuster Android Assitant software; it’s really a good Android Assistant, have you tried it?

Here at Dopi Technologies, we have decided to run this Giveaway whereby about 8 lucky persons will be issued a one-year license code each to use the Coolmuster Android Assitant V4.2.80. Stick to the giveaway rules and stand a chance to get this awesome software free of charge.

But before i proceed to give you the terms/requirement, let me quickly drop a little intro about Coolmuster.

Who is CoolMuster?

Coolmuster Studio is a preeminent consumer software develope. The company came into the spotlight in 2005 and has since then produced quite a lot of helpful utility softwares for both Mac and Windows user.

Softwares already launched by Coolmuster include; Android tools, utility softwares, iOS tools, video tools, recovery tools, and E-book tools. A common feature that is present in all Coolmuster’s apps/softwares is the “user-friendly, intuitive interface”.

Why you need an Android Assistant Software

Android assistants are great tools you should have on your PC; they let you gain extra access/control over your Android device, and ensure you don’t lose any the file, app, log, document, and data on your Android smartphone.

Some of these Android assistants allow you to clone an Android smartphone and transfer its setting to another Android device. There are many other reasons why you need an Android Assistant software which I may not be able to discuss here. If you wish to hear more, drop a comment below and I’ll get to you in a jiffy.

Coolmuster Android Assistant V4.2.80 Giveaway

At the end of this Giveaway, eight (8) winners will be selected and the license code sent to their respective e-mails.

Kindly stick to the rules of this giveaway, you might be among the LUCKY WINNERS. 8 people with the highest number of entries wins. Good Luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Originally posted on June 8, 2018 @ 11:31 am

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  1. Congrats on your first giveaway bro. The app looks like an awesome addiction to users of Android phone and tablet devices.

  2. It’s like carrying a personal computer in your pocket. Whether you have to make a call, look up information, attend a virtual meeting, or get some shopping done, you can do so easily with the help of your cellphone.

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