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ProxyIPv4 Review: Is This The Safe Haven To Buy Proxies for PPC, SEO, SMM, and Traffic Arbitrage?

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Daily, multiple attacks are on launched by phishers and internet prying eyes to gain access to internet users’ personal information. These attacks are sent in different ways, including malicious links, app downloads, and other means. To remain safe and keep your browsing data private while surfing the internet, proxies and VPNs come in handy.

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On the other hand, bloggers and digital marketers who run traffic arbitrage, PPC campaigns, SMM services, and SEO campaigns leverage proxies to optimize the traffic they send to a web page or website. By using proxies, bloggers and digital marketers can test-run traffic on different IP addresses to see which location works best and converts the most.

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There is more to this, and ProxyIPv4 is one of the places to purchase proxies for these needs. This article takes a dive into how private proxies can help bloggers and digital marketers while reviewing the services and plans offered by ProxyIPv4.

What are Proxies and How Do They Work?

A proxy is simply a “gateway” between you and the internet. Once you turn on mobile data or wifi to access the internet, a proxy gateway is enabled on your device to allow you access to the web. Proxies are like VPNs, they mask your actual IP address and allow you to access the internet using a “new” IP address; thus, granting you access to the web from another location that is not actually where you are.

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But, unlike VPNs that pass your traffic through encrypted tunnels, proxies are more efficient as they will hide your IP address and expose a “new” IP address to the internet. So, even if an attack is launched on your server, your actual IP address won’t be exposed or affected, instead, it is the proxy IP address that will take the attack.

How To Set Up Proxies: Log In To Your Proxy Server

Logging in to a proxy server you just bought is quite simple. You either log in from your computer’s network setting or your browser (if the browser supports built-in proxy configuration).

image Dopi Techologies
  • Step One: Purchase a proxy server from any provider (ProxyIPv4 is a notable provider)
  • Step Two: Open your Windows Settings ==> Network & Internet ==> Proxy.
  • Step Three: Enter your proxy IP address and port (HTTPS Port), save the settings, and open your browser.
  • Step Four: You will need to log in to browse and access the internet once you have activated a proxy. Enter the username and password provided to you as you bought the proxy server.

ProxyIPv4 Review

image 1 Dopi Techologies

ProxyIPv4 is a proxy server provider that offers quite different types of proxies: IPv4, IPv6, ISP, and mobile proxies. You can purchase as many proxies as needed for your purpose; there are 30+ countries to choose from, including USA, Europe, Australia, France, Spain, and others. These proxies are suitable for SEO, SMM, and traffic arbitrage needs, and they offer great connection speeds.

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When you purchase a proxy from ProxyIPv4, you can easily manage the proxy from your profile’s dashboard. You can as well add personal notes for each proxy to remember the purpose you bought it. The prices are quite affordable too and there’s no limit to the number of proxies you can purchase. Each proxy is unique to the buyer (not shared).

image 2 Dopi Techologies

How To Buy Proxies For PPC and Traffic Arbitrage

It’s quite simple, you have to create an account on ProxyIPv4 using an email you can easily access from your devices.

  • Go to the “Buy Proxy” tab to choose your preferred IP type
  • Proceed to pick a country of your choice (you can choose different countries for different proxies)
  • Indicate the number of proxies you want to purchase and the duration
  • Click the “Buy” button to pay for the order(s).

What More?

It is best to use proxies when surfing the internet, especially when you usually share your personal information online. Proxies help to improve security and privacy when surfing the internet and ProxyIPv4 is a reliable proxy server provider. If your IP address gets blacklisted from accessing certain sites or content online, setting up a proxy server will help you bypass such restrictions. Need help setting up a proxy connection on your PC or mobile, drop a comment and we will assist.

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