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What’s the eSiM technology in iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max?

eSIM tech is the final step in the digitization of your relationship with mobile phone manufacturers. Rumors have it that the eSIM technology will appear in the 2018 iPhones. But, it possibly could be a mistake; eSIM technology will change the way we use and pay for our phone plans dramatically. Also, it may, in our view, be the most important step forward in the mobile tech revolution this year.

eSIM Technology and Apple Inc.

When MP3s digitized music, Apple created the iTunes store and fundamentally changed the way we listen to music. When videos were digitized, in a very short amount of time, people began using broadcast TV, DVR TVs and Apple TV to stream shows. Now, eSIMs complete the final step in digitizing phone companies. When they arrive, we can expect the same sort of innovation in the way we use our phones as we have experienced in these other areas. It’s the biggest change in the world of telecommunications since the original iPhone back in 2007

eSIMs A.K.A ‘embedded SIMs’ are modules built into the device at the time of manufacture. Soon, eSIMs will replace physical SIM cards in all mobile phones. However, to minimize the impact of such a significant change, rumors at this point have it that Apple will include both a standard SIM slot and an eSIM slot in their new flagship devices.

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From a technology perspective, the new facility consists of a unique twenty character ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) and an IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number. Perhaps more interestingly, eSIM s provide the same facilities that regular SIMs do; a connection to the phone companies’ billing system and, beyond that, to their cellular network. Exactly the same information will e embedded on the phone’s eSIM as you currently receive on the phone’s hardware. That means ultimately, eSIMs will eliminate the need to have a physical tray for a SIM card.

The eSIM on the new 2018 Apple iPhones – iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max

eSim technology

This is not the first time Apple will be integrating such technology into its devices. We saw similar stuff on the launch of Apple Watch (version 3) last year and very similar functionality for quite some time in a range of iPad devices.

However, it’s not just Apple who see the opportunity in the new eSIM technology. Their biggest competitor, Samsung, has implemented the technology on its wearable devices.

Integration of eSIMs on recent smartphones will save up some space where the physical tray that holds a traditional SIM card will stay. This is in line with their general design philosophy. In Apple’s case, this is exactly what they did with the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is safe to say that once the ‘most premium’ smartphone makes this shift, even the budget manufacturers will follow suit at some point.

Benefits of eSIM 

eSIM technology is becoming real due to quite a lot of reasons. Apple has played a key role in lobbying the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Telecommunications Authority) who provide standards for the telco industry, keeping the IoT connected devices in mind.

Experts suggest that smartphones will make up for more than 60% of devices to be shipped with an eSIM by 2021. Now, l see the eSIM card for the users:

Better Smartphone Hardware

Waterproofing is a feature which is growing in popularity on smartphones. Water ingress is a key risk for users, invalidating warranties and destroying iPhones – ruining over 1 million devices a year. Water causes roughly 10% of all broken phones.

By removing the SIM tray from the device, the major opportunity for water to get into the phone is minimized. Thereby, increasing the chances of the smartphone to survive in water.

Change your phone company on the go, from your iPhone, without visiting a store

The most prominent advantage of having eSIM functionality is the ability to change operators (phone companies) on the go. You will never have to visit the physical stores anymore as you can request a SIM directly from your phone.

This will be particularly helpful for people who travel a lot and have to change numbers often. When the customers will be able to change operators with such ease, it may even give rise to competition which will translate to more competitive SIM plans.

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Overall, a much more reliable experience

We have all dealt with instances where we accidentally lost our traditional SIM cards or perhaps damaged them unintentionally. Even something as insignificant as a SIM module becoming loose over time can hinder with your network connection. ESIMs will offer a much more reliable experience when it comes to that and we won’t ever have to worry about buying different SIM adapters.

Bringing it all together

iPhone users tend to be affluent and to care more about ease of use than the technology involved in making their phone work. They may find the eSIM an unremarkable feature in this year’s device. Viewed from an industry perspective, however, it might be the biggest change in the way we use phones in a generation.


Introducing of eSIMs is likely to do a lot of good to the mobile tech world. It will also be the highest mobile tech revolution of the year 2018. While we are not yet sure of this sim coming to reality, we’ll update this post once it is live.

Your turn

Finally, we will like to hear your say on this? Will this be a good trend? How do you think eSims will help in mobile tech. Tell us your opinions and views via the comment section. Also, do not forget to share this news with friends on social media.

Originally posted on October 20, 2018 @ 12:25 pm

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