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Top 10 Best Mobile Diary Apps/Journal Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

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A diary is seemingly the closest friend of many individuals. Even, in the days of old, people write down many things in pen and paper to serve as their dairy. But, diaries are now digitalized; portable, and more straightforward to access from anywhere.

According to Wikipedia, “a diary is a record with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over a day or other period.” In these present days, diaries are available as mobile applications for all types of smart mobile devices.

These apps provide you with all the typical attributes of any dairy, in your smartphone terminal. In this article, you’ll see the best mobile diary apps for Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Diary Apps Overview

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way we maintain our personal journals and diaries. Gone are the days of pen and paper, as digital dairy apps now offer a seamless and efficient way to keep track of our daily lives.

Whether you want to capture your thoughts, jot down memories, or track personal goals, a dairy app can be your ultimate companion. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of saving entries in dairy apps, including the benefits, the process, and useful tips to enhance your diary-keeping experience.

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Dairy apps are digital platforms designed to help users record and manage their personal thoughts, experiences, and memories. These apps provide a secure and organized space for individuals to document their daily lives, and they often come with additional features such as reminders, templates, and multimedia integration.

With the ability to access your diary entries from multiple devices, diary apps have become an essential tool for individuals seeking a modern and convenient way to maintain their personal journals.

Benefits of Using Dairy Apps

Using a dairy app offers numerous advantages over traditional diary-keeping methods. Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience

Unlike physical diaries, dairy apps can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a compatible device and an internet connection. This accessibility allows you to capture your thoughts and experiences in real-time, without the fear of misplacing or losing your diary.

Enhanced Organization and Searchability

Dairy apps offer various organizational features, such as categorization, tagging, and search options. These functionalities make it easier to find specific entries or browse through related content, saving you time and effort in locating past memories.

Multimedia Integration

With dairy apps, you can go beyond traditional text-based entries and add photos, videos, voice recordings, and even location information to your diary. This multimedia integration allows for a more immersive and expressive journaling experience.

Choosing the Right Dairy App

Selecting the right dairy app is crucial for a seamless and enjoyable diary-keeping experience. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a dairy app:

1. User Interface and Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface ensures that you can navigate the app effortlessly and perform tasks without confusion. Look for an app with an intuitive design and straightforward features to enhance your overall experience.

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2. Security and Privacy Features

Since your diary entries contain personal and sensitive information, prioritize apps that offer robust security measures, such as passcode or biometric authentication, encryption, and backup options. These features will ensure the confidentiality and safety of your entries.

3. Customization and Flexibility

Consider whether the app allows you to customize your entries with different fonts, colors, and styles. Flexibility in formatting and personalization can add a personal touch to your diary and make it more engaging.

Top Android Mobile Diary Apps

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1. Journey – best journal app 2020


“Journey” is a stylish diary app with a description as “Embark on the journey of self-improvement towards better qualities of love, life, and health.” It is available for Android, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows devices.

This app makes it easier to add entries with visual content, and it is simpler to capture every life moment and private memory forever. It provides a different viewing mode which includes: a calendar view and an atlas view that shows notes based on the location.

It is a free application but has some in-app purchases like night mode and markdown support. With Journey, all entries are stored in Google Drive. “Journey” is among the best mobile diary apps available for cross-platforms.

Download journey for Android and iOS

2. Universal Diary – best mobile diary app for Android


The universal diary is just similar to the app mentioned above.  It allows users to add entries with photos and videos and also set a reminder for creating an entry at a particular time. With the universal diary application, users can lock their notes with a password. Besides, users can also export the whole journal to PDF and back up the notes on an SD card or Google Drive. The app is absolutely free.

Install on Android

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3. Narrate – best journal app for Android

Narrate Diary android

This is another Android diary application which is an open-source app created to record users’ thoughts, experiences, and ideas. The interface is minimal but still has all the necessary features present. With Narrate you can add entries, add multimedia content and geo-targeting to them, back up notes to Dropbox or Google Drive, and even set reminders for posting.

The photos taken within the app are automatically saved to your device camera roll. It further comes with a handy feature that serves as a recycle bin for deleted entries; so you won’t lose them entirely due to accidental deletion. This app is available for free; however, it has several in-app purchases. The only constraint about this application is that it contains minor bugs.

Install Narrate on Android

4. Penzu – best cross-platform mobile diary app


This diary app is available for free, and it serves as a journal or notepad. The app lets users write entries in a single journal, set reminders, and lock the journal or the whole app with a password or PINS. There is a web version of this app; thus, you can still view your entries on a web browser. The Pro version lets users create more than one journal with the ability to lock them with different passwords, and it costs $4.99/month. It is one of the best mobile diary apps you will get out there.

Get Penzu for Android and iOS

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5. Dream Journal Ultimate – best free diary app

Dream Journal

Dream Journal Ultimate is an application that notifies you to write an entry every day, thanks to the “Dream Journal Reminder” option. This app is free for all Android device users. The app includes a “Dream Wall feature” where you can read, like, and comment on dream journals from other users of the app.

You can as well share your dreams on this wall by checking the respective option. As the name implies, the app is oriented explicitly on storing people’s dreams and entries. Interestingly, you can restrict 3rd party access to this app by adding password security.

Install dream journal ultimate for Android and iOS

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Top iPhone/ iPad Mobile Diary Apps

6. Day one – best mobile diary app for iOS 2021

Day One Journal

Day One is among the best mobile diary apps for iOS which has strongly established itself at the top for several years now. With Day One diary application, users can create up to 10 diaries with different designs and add up to ten (10) pictures to each entry.

The amazing part of Day One diary application is that when a user creates a new note, the app automatically adds a bunch of metadata to it, including the user’s current location, the music they are listening to, their emotions, the weather data, tags and time, etc.

Day One allows users to lock their entries with a Touch ID passcode. Also, users can export all their diaries in PDF and back up them on their PC or a flash drive. They can also set up custom reminders to help them fill the journal with text every day.

Get day one diary for Android and iOS

7. Diaro – best multi-feature diary app


Diaro is a high-speed and efficient diary application that provides password protection, pictures, and emotion insertion as well as provides social networking plugins. Just like other ones, you can organize your entries using tags, folders, and location. Also, you can add videos and photos to each entry. There’s a paid version of this app, and it costs just $4. The only constraint is that the free version contains ads, but it’s still cool.

Install Diaro for Android and iOS

8. Moment diary Tale

Moment Diary

This diary app will be the favorite of young girls as it comes with a pinky interface. It is an intuitive app that is very easy to navigate. However, there aren’t many features available on the app, but, the essential features for diary entries are available.

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Your entries are safe on this app. Plus, a timestamp is attached to each note you create on this app. Furthermore, it supports word count, as well as users’ entries calendar. Interestingly, you can add photos to your entries. Finally, it is possible to export your notes to email, backup, and restore them at any time. You can activate a 4-digit pin to secure your notes.

Download for Android and iOS

9. Grid diary – best free iOS diary app 2019

Grid Diary Classic App

Grid Diary is one of the best mobile diary apps out there; it is an intuitive diary app with a great user interface. All the posts come in a grid format, and users can add pictures to their notes and select a personalized template for it, pretty unusual but comfortable.

The most amazing feature is that the app provides a full-text search. Thus it’ll be effortless to find an old post. It has a free and paid version. You can backup & restore entries on this free version, while the paid version lets you export to Dropbox and Evernote. Also, password protection is available only on the paid version.

Install grid diary for iOS

10. Momento

Momento diary

Momento is a smart private diary app that helps you collect users’ memories. With Momento, users can not only write down their memorable moments in just a few taps but also automatically capture their daily activities, posts, and photos from the social networking platform they are on.

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 Each moment is automatically organized into a beautiful private journal that chronicles a user’s whole life and stays up to date effortlessly. The app is free for iOS users. There is also a PRO version available. It’s definitely a good option for those who love to keep all interesting memories and ideas in one place.

Get Momento for iOS

Wrap up

There are many other great mobile diary applications on the internet with great features. However, our best mobile diary apps may not be yours; thus, if your favorite Android or iPhone mobile diary app is not on our list, feel free to comment below with the name of your favorite diary app, we will be updating this list quite often.

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