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Top 10 Fastest Mobile Browsers for iPhone users

The two most famous mobile Operating Systems are iOS and Android. Today I’ll be sharing the top 10 fastest Mobile browsers for iPhone users. Mobile browsers are very important on one’s smartphone, in fact, it should be the first app installed on your smartphone.

Surfing the internet is something everybody does almost every hour in a day; some people are connected to the internet for the whole 24 hours in a day. An example is me, i can’t survive an hour without the internet  :-). So, today, i have decided to write this article on the Top 10 fastest mobile browsers for iOS users. Read on and drop your comment/thoughts below.

Top 10 fastest mobile browsers for iPhone users

The List:

  1. FirFox Web Browser
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Puffin web browser
  4. Opera Mini browser
  5. UC Browser
  6. Dolphin web browser
  7. Private browsing web browser
  8. Aloha web browser
  9. Firefox focus
  10. Brave browser

FireFox Web Browser – Download from iTunes

firefox logo for iOS

FireFox browsers are developed by Mozilla and they are available across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS). Mozilla FireFox for iOS is a stunning fast mobile browser with lots of useful features. It assures you of a strict internet privacy and good browsing experience.

This mobile browser by Mozilla for iPhone users is very flexible; you can set your own internet preferences. If you also use FireFox to browse on PC, you can easily synchronize the app with the FireFox web browser on your PC.

  • It is fast, smart, and flexible
  • Intuitive interface
  • Incognito browsing (private browsing)
  • Easy tab navigation
  • Quick access to top/freq. visited sites
  • Easy synchronization with FireFox for PC

Chrome Mobile Browser – Download from iTunes

Chrome logo for iOS

Google Chrome browser is an excellent mobile web browser with additional utility functions. The app offers a super great browsing experience and also supports private browsing. Chrome is usually the default mobile browser on Android smartphones.

It is very simple to access your internet information like “Auto-Fill form Information”, “Passwords”, and other things across any platform. All you need do is to install Chrome browser on the platforms and sign-in to your Google mail account (GMAIL); your information synchronizes automatically.

  • Fast, secured, and reliable
  • Auto synchronization across any two or more platforms.
  • Voice search function – “Ok Google”
  • Unlimited tab count with easy tab navigation
  • Incognito mode support
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Puffin Web Browser – Download from iTunes

Puffin browser

Puffin iPhone Browser is a wicked fast mobile web browser. It comes with advanced rendering engine which assures of a superb fast loading of web pages. Puffin operates faster than most iOS browsers because it transfers workloads from resource-limited devices to the cloud servers.

This browser also supports end-to-end encryption to prevent internet hoodlums (hackers) from accessing your information and using them against you. You can confidently use Public wireless connections when you’re browsing with Puffin web browser.

  • Cloud protection
  • Supports Web-Based Gaming
  • Incredibly fast in loading web pages
  • Download to Cloud (1GB per file)
  • Theater Mode support
  • Adjustable Streaming quality
  • Mouse simulator (Virtual Trackpad)
  • Virtual Gamepad
  • Boasts of having the fastest JavaScript engine
  • Incognito browsing support

Opera Mini Web Browser – Download from iTunes

Opera mini iOS

Commonly, Opera browsers are primarily known to be fast mobile browsers, the ad blocking feature embedded on all of them helps a lot of internet users. Opera Mini for iOS is a mobile browser specially designed for iOS smartphone owners to use an access the internet with no limits and it consumes lesser data.

This browser is extremely fast and safe. When you activate the “Ad-Blocker” feature, it stops ads from displaying on web pages and lets you browse faster.

  • Ad-blocker
  • Data saving feature
  • Extremely fast
  • Unlimited number of tabs
  • Privacy browser
  • Home screen search widget
  • Video boost feature
  • Smart night mode support
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UC Browser – Download from iTunes

UC Browser

Before smartphones came into the trend, UC Browser together with Opera Mini was the leading mobile browsers. UC browser is a stunning fast mobile browser with versatile features and functions.

This browser lets your read trending/latest news on various genres and also comes ad-blocking feature.

  • Super ad-blocker feature
  • Mini Video window
  • QR barcode scanner
  • Data Saving
  • speed mode
  • night mode
  • Fast web surfing
  • User-friendly interface

Dolphin Web Browser – Download from iTunes

Dolphin Browser

A very simple and friendly mobile browser you should have on your iPhone. Dolphin lets you browse through web pages at fast speed and also comes flexible features. This browser’s tabbed browsing and one-tap share feature make internet surfing comfortable and relaxing.

With Dolphin web browser installed on your iOS device, you are sure of an excellent and great internet experience.

  • One-tap instant share
  • Dolphin connect
  • Tabbed browsing
  • WiFi broadcast support
  • Gesture input support
  • Sidebars
  • Speed dials
  • Full-screen view option

Private Browsing Web Browser – Download from iTunes

Private browsing web browser

Due to the incessant increase in internet fraud, a lot of internet users now seek refuge in private web browsers. This private browser for iOS protects/secures your online data; it automatically deletes your browsing history, cache, and cookies when you exit the app.

Also, Private Browsing Web Browser for iPhone load web pages at fast speed and features similar interface like the renown Safari browser.

  • Landscape and Portrait page orientation.
  • Orientation Lock support for iPad
  • Packs similar user interface like that of Safari.
  • Ghost status bar gives you more web page viewable space
  • Overlay controls
  • Safari based backend engine
  • Lightning fast speed browser
  • You can choose to start with Yahoo, Bing, or Google homepage.
  • No auto-fill function
  • Disguised app icon
  • 100% free with no ads
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Aloha Browser – Download from iTunes

Aloha web browser

If you are someone who hates seeing ads while browsing on mobile, just like me :-D, then, Aloha Browser is a perfect choice for you. It is a free, fast, and full-featured web browser that assures you of maximum internet privacy and security. Aloha browser can aslo be considered a privacy browser with free unlimited VPN.

  • Ad-blocker support
  • Free unlimited VPN
  • Virtual Reality player
  • Background media playing function
  • Embedded media player
  • Data Saver feature
  • Private browsing tabs
  • QR Barcode reader

FireFox Focus – Download from iTunes

firefox focus iOS

Another Mozilla’s browser makes our list yet again. FireFox Focus is a next-level privacy browser with fast internet loading speed. It is developed by Mozilla and comes with additional functions you’d love to explore.

This mobile browser deletes all your browsing history, cache, and cookies once you exit the app.

  • Ad-blocker feature
  • Strict privacy browser
  • Friendly interface
  • Fast and reliable internet loading speed.

Brave Browser – Download from iTunes

brave browser

Brave Browser is among the top mobile browsers for iPhone; it loads web pages at very fast speed and also offers an ad-blocking option. This is a reliable web browser for iOS users. It blocks pop-ups and feature “Battery optimization”, “Data Saving”, “script blocking” options.

  • Private tabs
  • Inbuilt AdBlocker feature
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Data and Battery optimization feature
  • Tracking Protection
  • Script Blocking
  • 3rd party cookie blocking

Wrap Up:

There are probably other good iOS mobile browsers out there but for the sake of this article, we are considering only the fast loading ones. All the web browsers listed in this post are extremely fast in loading web pages and come with useful features. This is the most comprehensive article you’d find while searching for the “fastest mobile browsers for iPhone” or “iOS best web browsers”.

Do you think we omitted some of your favorite fast-speed browsers? Share your thoughts and opinions below via the comment section. Kindly share this article with your friends on social media. Thanks.


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Originally posted on September 1, 2018 @ 9:59 pm

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