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The 5 Best Smart Tech of 2021

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Every day we wake up to meet new smart accessories which play vital roles in helping out our daily activities. These smart technologies were on the rise this year, so we decided to write about them. This year precisely, there were lots of innovations and technologies that were invented, but we are keen to the best smart tech we saw.

Best Smart Tech 2021

1. Robotic Vacuums

robotic vacuums

Until this year, many homeowners never cared about robotic vacuums. But we saw the search for this smart gadget arise tremendously this year. Maybe, people are becoming lazy to home tasks. 😮

What are Robotic Vacuums?

They are high-tech, self-cleaning robots that help to maintain neat and healthy floors in a house. A robotic vacuum is really needed in a modern home especially when there is a pet at home who litters the floor often.

Robotic vacuums map your home with a camera technology and then starts cleaning the floors independently. Recent models of these self-cleaning robots also come with mopping function so it mops the floor as it moves. They do not need your presence to function and some units can be controlled using a smartphone or a remote controller.

There are top companies we know that produce highly smart vacuuming robots that have the capabilities to pick up your pet hairs, clean your wall edges and deep corners. These companies are Roomba, iLife, and Philips.

This smart gadget is one of the best smart tech of 2018 and a great tech gadget for every pet owner.

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2. Smart Wearables

smart wearables

This includes smartwatches, smart wristbands, bracelets, and the likes. Every tech lover needs to have a smart wearable in addition to their smartphones, tablets, and PC. Most smart wearables come with extensive features outside the box. Some of these smart wearable go a long way to include health features that help to check one’s basic status. This way, you won’t have to call your doctor’s attention always.

Also, there are smart watches that act just as smartphones; you can make calls, browse the internet, and do many other things with them. The Apples Watch Series 3 is a perfect example for the best smart wearable of 2018.

3. Surveillance Gadgets and Accessories

We also notice that the search for smart security devices was on the rise this year. Smart security devices include spy camera devices, home surveillance gadgets, spy recorders, and smart eye glasses. Prior to now, we thought these devices to be most associated with private investigators, detectives, and security personnel, but it seems everyone is turning to a security agent. 😆

However, these smart security devices and accessories are really important as they help us to watch our back. They are more our third eye that watches oversees what goes on while we are not around. Seeing the rise for this tech was no surprise to us and we are glad it is one of the best smart tech of the year.

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4. Pet Gadgets

best smart tech 2018

A good number of people are searching for pet tech gadgets. These include, pet automatic feeders, automatic water fountains, pet ball launcher5.s, etc. Having a pet home, you need these gadgets to keep the pet busy so it does not sleep all day. Tech pet gadget also helps in pet training, e.g. dog collars; dog collars help to control dog barking. If you have a new pooch who wouldn’t stop barking at anything that comes its way, you can get a smart dog collar to control it. Many pet tech gadgets were on trend this year, probably, more people got themselves a new pet to keep at home.

5. Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. – Wiki

No one should be surprised seeing this smart tech listed among the best smart tech for each year. It is an ever-evolving tech and we are yet to see the best it has to offer. A.I. is one of the best things that has happened to tech; it is applicable in sub-sectors which include: robotics, virtual reality, mobile app, smart TV’s, and lots more, even in wearables.

Artificial Intelligence being among the best smart tech 2018 is still worthy as it were in the past few years.

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We are providing our readers with free slots to add their best smart tech to this list. Drop a comment about your own best smart tech of the year.

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