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The Basic Elements of a Modern Web Design

Most so-called “modern websites” today flaunt awful designs, and this is because the owners do not give in much consideration to some vital points. There are key elements of a modern web design and that’s what I am considering in this article today.

What defines a modern website?

Broadly speaking, a “Modern Website” is a relative term that can be interpreted differently by various people in the field. To put it in perspective for some professionals, a modern web design represents the yearly evolving trends in the industry. Now, I have always taken a modern web design as a term representing both the trending aesthetic elements and efficient functionality that deliver results for the business. Talking about modern web design in 2018, there are certain elements that have made the entry into the industry, while there are other elements that are at the core of any web design.

So, let’s see what elements make up the best modern web design in 2018:

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Elements of a Modern Web Design

#1. Limited Colors

Starting off with more aesthetics and trending elements, the color scheme is one of the important aspects to take well care of. Previously we have seen dual-tone color schemes making their way into the website designs. For many years, website designers have experimented with bold and vibrant multi-plate color themes.

However, this year designers have restricted the use of color-palate to maximum two or three colors. Just look around the leading websites including Apple and Amazon and you will see their simplistic and restricted use of color themes. Personally, I believe restricting the colors to minimal is a good idea as it offers users ease of focus and a minimalist approach, something that is really trending nowadays.

#2. White Spaces

This is somewhat associated with our first element “colors”. White spaces or negative spaces have become one of the most vital elements considered by modern web designers. In designing a modern website in 2018, the designer should consider this element; white spaces seems to have a huge potential of attracting users.

By “white spaces”, we aren’t referring to the use of “White” color, rather it simply refers to empty/void spaces; the greater margin between lines or in between different elements and also at the edges. White spaces offer a breathing space to elements of web design and give a minimalist and roomy/comfy outlook that’s attractive to visitors’ eyes.

#3. Efficient Backend Coding

Now coming to the technical elements, an efficient backend coding has remained one of the most important elements of a web design. The age of flashy, extravagant websites without efficient functionality is over long ago. Today, people are more interested in determining the value of a business by an efficient and highly-functional web design. More than the aesthetics, they are moved by the simplistic and interactive interface, ease of navigation and seamless user-interface; few things that have remained a standard for an effective web design for a long time.

#4. Graphics:

This includes logo design and other forms of designs. It is very vital to engage a professional designer to handle this aspect of your modern website. A good logo design will attract click to your website when display n adverts or other platforms. On the other hand, a poorly designed logo may not attract clicks. Also, focusing on the graphics of a website is becoming very important and relevant.

Wrap Up:

These are the key basic elements of a modern website design in 2018. Over the years, many things have remained untouched while some other ones changed. Share your thoughts on this below in the comment section.

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About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is an avid digital-marketer and a passionate blogger. He likes to share his thoughts on the latest from the digital world especially e-commerce industry. He is also part of a  New Zealand based company; Starlinks – A leading web design company in Auckland and Christchurch.

Originally posted on June 27, 2018 @ 7:39 am

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