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12 best free remote desktop software 2023

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There are quite so many remote desktop applications you will find out there; these desktop apps allow you to access other computers over a connection/network remotely. Here, I’ve gathered the best cross-platform remote access tools for PC users. Actually, I have tried out these utility apps to discover that they are worthy, reliable, and vast.

Virtually all companies and industries need the best free remote desktop software apps to run their businesses successfully. Availability and proximity can hinder the full delivery of a business goal; however, with the best free remote desktop software, employees or team members can work remotely from any location to deliver a core business goal.

However, not only for business, remote desktop software apps can be used for personal reasons; also, it is an excellent tool for developers, programmers, engineers, and more other professions. Not to say much, but virtually everyone needs remote access software on their PC or MacBook. These ones listed in this article are available across platforms, making them the best options from the fleet you will find out there.

Why you need the best cross-platform remote access tools

There may be tons of reasons that will make a different wish for a remote desktop utility; most people use remote access software apps to access other PCs to share files over a connection or help them out to fix some things. Whatever your needs are, here are the best cross-platform free remote desktop apps.

The Best Remote Desktop Utilities

1. AnyDesk – Best Free Remote Desktop Software

AnyDesk best free remote desktop software

AnyDesk remains one of the best free desktop remote access tools available across platforms. The program is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It is a vast software stocked with a lot of exciting features.

With AnyDesk, you can easily connect to a desktop environment of individual Windows client devices and servers via remote access. Also, this program allows you to offer live administration services to connected Windows devices. Interestingly, this app is less than 5MB in size.

The interface is straightforward to understand, and it works very well for its purpose. Moreover, you can get AnyDesk for mobile devices (iOS and Android). This is just the best cross-platform remote access software for computer users.

2. Avica – Best Intuitive Remote Desktop Software

Avica Remote Desktop

The Avica Remote Desktop app is a top-of-the-class, high-performance remote desktop software that provides seamless remote collaborations for every user. It is built for teams and freelancers that need to access some information remotely. On the free version, you’re getting up to 30FPS and can connect unlimited devices.

The interface offered by the Avica remote desktop app is easy to understand and navigate, literally, anyone can operate this software. Of course, it is available across platforms: mobile (iOS and Android) and PC (Windows and macOS).

Avica checks all the boxes for a professional remote collaboration application – offering up to 144FPS with UHD resolution when you upgrade to the Pro version for just $5/mo. More interestingly, newly registered users get up to 30 days of free trial for the Pro plan.


3. TeamViewer – Best Cross-Platform Free Remote Desktop App


This is yet another impressive remote access tool with Windows 10 support. TeamViewer features a simplified interface that is very easy to understand and navigate. It is also available across various (known) platforms; plus, it comes with a variety of tools for remote access operations.

Furthermore, you can use this software app for desktop sharing, hosting/joining online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between computers. It is a comprehensive utility software app for all computer users.

Just like the AnyDesk, TeamViewer is also available for mobile devices (Android and iOS). Thus, this can be your best cross-platform free remote desktop app.


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4. RemotePC – Best Remote Access Utilities for Windows


Since I’m concentrating on cross-platform utilities, this list is actually in no particular hierarchy. This remote control utility is very useful and comes with all the features you’d expect from a software of its kind. The interface is welcoming, friendly, and easy to navigate.

Plus, RemotePC works on platforms you know, making it possible for you to access your PC from virtually anywhere remotely. Also, this software has tools for conferencing, webinars, and other functions that help to promote productivity in companies.

Furthermore, the versatility of this software makes it a perfect option for individuals, SMBs, and virtually anyone who operates a computer or runs a network of computers.

5. Splashtop – Best Remote Access Utility for macOS


Previously known as Splashtop Remote, this software is developed by Splashtop Inc. as a remote desktop software and remote support software. It allows you to remotely access a computer system and gain control over the connected computer virtually from all platforms you know.

There is a mobile app version of this software, as well as a macOS version; already, you should know it has a Windows version too; however, it doesn’t run on Linux. With the Splashtop software, you and your team will be more productive and work from anywhere.

Interestingly, there’s a portable version of this software available for Windows PC users, only. Get the portable version – here.

6. RealVNC – Best Software for Desktop Sharing


RealVNC is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS; it is one of the best remote access tools I have come across. This software is handy for business owners, as well as perfect for personal users. It features an intuitive interface that fits perfectly on every screen.

RealVNC works in a simple manner via a peer-to-peer connection. Using this software will grant you access to another PC from the comfort of your own PC or even your mobile phone. The program comes with built-in tools for more extensive functions.

7. TightVNC – Best Remote Desktop Access Tool for Windows 10

Tight VNC

This spot would have been for the AnyPlace Control software, but it is only available for Windows OS. Thus, I’m placing the TightVNC on this spot. TightVNC remote access tool is available across platforms, and it promises to be one of the best of its kind.

TightVNC is free to use and is designed as an open-source remote desktop software application. The developers, however, used the RFB protocol of Virtual Network Computing to allow users of this app to gain control over another PC’s screen remotely.

If you need a remote access app that’s available for free for both personal and commercial use, then, this is a better option.

8. Mikogo – Best Cross-Platform Remote Desktop Software


A lot of IT guys and business owners already know about Mikogo; it is one of the most useful remote access software apps with support for extensive business/personal features. The program lets you share your desktop or connect with another desktop remotely.

Using Mikogo, you can run remote control actions, presenter switching, whiteboard, file sharing, session recording, and more. This software program should be among your choices; plus, it is accessible on popular platforms (Mobile and Computer).

Simply put, this is the remote desktop utility you need for web conferencing and remote support.

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9. LogMeIn – Best Cloud-based Remote Access Software


Guess you’d be glad to learn about a cloud-based program that allows you to run activities or access computer systems remotely from anywhere. As a cloud-based app, LogMeIn is more like a SaaS utility meant for businesses (big, medium, and small) to run remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management, and customer engagement.

However, unlike most other ones on this list, LogMeIn is a premium application that requires you to pay before exploring its whole features. To get started, click here.

10. pcAnywhere – Best Remote Desktop App for Windows 8


The name already lets you guess that this can be a perfect remote access tool for desktop sharing, conferencing, and more. Well, if you guessed, then, you’re right; pcAnywhere is a comprehensive remote desktop software that supports Linux, macOS, Windows, as well as mobile OSes.

This remote desktop software is very secure to use, and the interface is pretty understandable. It is such a software that anyone could use without looking for a tutorial or guide. pcAnywhere comes with tools for excellent remote access operations on computers connected to an interconnected network with a known password.

11. GoToMyPC – Best Cloud-based Remote Access SoftwareGoToMyPC

Finally on my list is GoToMyPC, a remote access app developed by the same guys who made LogMeIn. It is a handy remote access software that works through the cloud to connect you to a computer from any platform and at any time, irrespective of your location.

Instead of manually installing programs, this software app runs through web browsers (similar to Chrome Remote Desktop) to access a computer system. This app works across platforms; thus, making it one of the best cross-platform remote access tools for everyone. Thanks to the AES encryption, your data is safe and secured.

To get started with GoToMyPC check here


11. Net Support Manager – Best Free Remote Access Software

cross platform remote app

NetSupport Manager delivers remote access functionalities with cutting-edge technologies and has support for all platforms you know. It is quite a comprehensive software utility for running remote desktop management actions, thanks to the intuitive interface.

This app lets you monitor multiple systems in a single action, and it delivers seamless hands-on remote support, collaboration, and even record/playback sessions. The program is designed to run over LAN, WAN, or the internet; it is very secure to use.
Check here

What more?

I have provided the best remote desktop software applications that are accessible across platforms. However, this list is based on my personal tests; thus, you’re welcome to recommend anyone you’ve previously used that is not listed here. Also, you can check out my top 10 best file copy software. Well, obviously, this is my list, feel free to add your best remote desktop software by commenting below. Thanks for reading and do have a great day ahead!

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