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Updated: Top 10 Best Free Note-Taking Apps 2023

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For many reasons, you may want to jot down a quick note from a meeting or event. Sometimes it is stressful to get out your book and pen and jot down your note; thus, a virtual notebook comes in handy. The best free note-taking apps for Android and iOS devices are handy utility apps that should be installed on your smartphone (iPhone or Android device).

With the help of notetaking apps, you can plan your daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual schedules and stick to them. Here are the best note-taking apps that are available for free for all mobile users. Interestingly, they are available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Also, these apps come with impressive features you’d find very useful for planning your schedules and effective time management.

Top best free note-taking apps for Android and iOS

1. Evernote – Best Note-Taking App Cross-platform


This app is stocked with a variety of handy features and templates; it comes in handy for practically everything we do every day. With the Evernote app, you can plan a lot of things, thanks to the tons of templates it comes with (built-in). Evernote is arguably the best note-taking app across platforms.

The app lets you jot down important notes in different formats; using texts, images, audio, and video. Plus, it supports annotated Webpage clippings and even more. Asides for note-taking, Evernote also helps with organizing, task management, and archiving. Plus, you can synchronize your notes and access them on any device with Evernote installed. Tags and other shortcuts can be added to allow you to find notes quickly.

2. GNotes – Best Note-Taking App for Android 2020


For Android smartphone users, this is arguably the best alternative app tp Evernote. It is a simplified note-taking app with quite a lot of features, and handy built-in tools as well. GNotes is very easy to use, and it allows you to record your notes, keep diaries, quickly jot down ideas, design checklists, and do more productive stuff.

More so, just like Evernote, this app supports the use of text, photo, voice memos, handwriting, painting, etc. Furthermore, GNotes supports cloud sync. So that you can access all your notes on any device. Plus, it can be synchronized with Gmail. You can set reminders or lock your notes with a password to restrict access. A search feature allows you to quickly find records if you’ve saved a lot already. GNotes support tags and shortcuts.

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3. OneNote – Best Note Taking App with Stylus Support


This app is coming from Microsoft, and it is one of the best free note-taking apps you can use across platforms. It is available for PC and mobile OSes. Using this app, you can easily plan a lot of things, thanks to its wide array of features and built-in tools.

OneNote helps to organize thoughts, discoveries, and more, so you can be more productive every day. As a digital notepad, this app allows you to jot down notes using a stylus. Plus, it supports sync so you can get them across all of your devices.

It is possible to add images to your notes created with OneNote. Also, the flexible canvas supported by this app allows you to place your content anywhere you want.

4. Simplenote – Best Easy to Use Note-Taking App


SimpleNote offers users’ with an easy way to save quick notes, lists, and more. It features a clear interface that is very easy to navigate. Plus, the app comes with all expected features; plus, it allows you to save so many notes.

However, just like the other apps listed here, you need to signup to use this application, so that you can be able to access your notes on any device, thanks to the cloud sync. Interestingly, this app helps you search out your notes quickly when you use the search feature. You can use SimpleNote on any platform irrespective of the OS.

5. Dropbox Paper – Best Note-Taking App for Collaboration

DropBox Papaer

You probably must have heard about DropBox – one of the most used, flexible cloud storage platform. Well, this note-taking app from DropBox allows you to work hand-in-hand with your colleagues to achieve specific goals; it is arguably the best collaborative note-taking app available for Android and iOS users.

This app comes in handy when you need to work with your friends, team members, or co-workers to tackle a documentary. It comes with all the features you will expect from a typical note-taking app. Dropbox Paper is a cross-platform utility app with vast features and support.

It is effortless to set up to-do lists, dates, as well as annotate a document using this app. More interestingly, you can post and reply to comments to keep projects moving forward from a remote location.

6. Apple Notes – Best Built-in Note-Taking for iOS

Apple Notes

For iOS device users (iPhone and iPad), this is a handy utility built into your device that allows you to jot down notes quickly. As you may have guessed, this app is developed by Apple, and it comes with necessary features for note-taking purposes.

This app is available for iOS and macOS operating systems. Also, this app allows you to sync your notes to Apple’s iCloud service and access them remotely on many devices. To set up Notes with iCloud, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then turn on Notes. You’ll see your notes on all of your Apple devices that you’re signed in to with the same Apple ID.

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7. Google Keep – Best Built-in Note-Taking for Android

Google Keep

Same as the Apple Note, this is a built-in notetaking app available on Android devices; however, not on all. If your Android device does not come with Google Keep, you can alternatively download the app below.

This notetaking app is one of the best free note-taking apps for Android, which is very simple to use. It comes with the basic features you can expect and supports cloud (G Drive) synchronization. Interestingly, this app is available for iOS users. Plus, it supports interesting features such as tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

What more?

These are the best note taking apps for all mobile users. Interestingly, these apps support cloud synchronization; thus, you can access your notes on any device or platform. Plus, the interfaces are unique, and they support tons of handy features/built-in tools.

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