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DesignCap Review (+Giveaway): the best online graphics design software?

Gone are those days when graphic designers rely on a few handy software tools and applications to make designs. Nowadays, there are tons of graphic design tools out there, and most of them are available as web apps. Creating beautiful designs is just as easy as ABC, thanks to contemporary graphics design apps available for everyone. DesignCap is a multi-feature online graphics design app, and it’s home to numerous templates for various categories. It is a  great tool for beginners and professionals graphic designers. In this DesignCaap Review, I’m going to provide a comprehensive guide on how to use this app, as well as offer you a coupon to use the premium plan of this app to create stunning designs.

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DesignCap Review: Overview, Features, and Specs

Using the DesignCap web app, anyone can be a professional graphics designer. The app is packed with a lot of templates for virtually every type of design you’ll want to create. It is one of the offerings from PearlMountain, a top company that is popular for creating intuitive web apps for professional photo editing and graphic design. DesignCap comes with built-in tools that will help you to start a design from scratch, or customize a template to your taste. The features are quite many; however, here are the key features of this app.


  • A wide range of categories
  • Thousands of unique and beautiful templates for any design
  • Intuitive (drag n drop) workspace environment
  • Flexible built-in design tools
  • Multilingual interface
  • A vast library of stock photos & Illustrations (for premium plan users)

System Requirements (Specs)

There is no system requirement(s) to use this graphic design app. It is an online tool; thus, all you need is an active internet connection, and you’re good to go.


  • Easy to use
  • There are so many customizable templates to choose from
  • Responsive support team
  • Multiple export options


  • You really need to upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy using this web app.
  • Doesn’t work with most keyboard shortcuts


There are two paid plans and a free plan. You’re automatically using the free app when you sign up. The pro plans are Basic plan ($59.88 annual fee) and Plus plan ($71.88 annual fee).

How To Use

It’s quite simple to use this graphic design app – simply visit the website ( and start creating your design. However, I’ll be providing a detailed guide on how to use every tool available on this web app.

Creating Your First Design Using DesignCap

There are various templates available on this app; all you need do is to select a template and start customizing to your taste. For this tutorial, I’m going to create a design for Facebook ads. So, I’ll simply hover on the “Category” menu and then select “Facebook Ad.

facebook ad

Interestingly, there are different templates for creating a Facebook Ads banner. DesignCap offers quite a variety of customizable templates – you can simply pick the one for your need, or choose any of them, and then delete all its contents to start from scratch.

Adding Elements To Your Design

Elements menu

There are various elements on DesignCap workspace; you can add various types of shapes and icons to your design. Also, the “elements” menu is where to find lines that can be used to beautify your design.

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Adding Stock Photos To Your Design

add stock photos

Interestingly, there are quite a lot of stock photos available on DesignCap that can be used in your design. Navigate to the “Photo” tab and access as many photos as possible. You can search for an image using the search bar. More so, the images are arranged in categories, so it’s easy to find a perfect image for your design.

Adding Charts To Your Design


If your design requires that you’ll need a chart to explain some information, DesignCap features a variety of charts that you can choose from. You’ll find pie charts, bar charts, tables, maps, and even columns on the “Charts” menu on the DesignCap workspace.

Importing You Pictures/Media


Of course, it is possible to add the images from your PC/mobile to your design. Simply click on the “Uploads” tab and upload your images. Nevertheless, there’s a limit to the number of images you could upload to your DesignCap account. The limit is dependent on your account plan. I’m capped at 1000 images because I’m on the “Plus plan.” However, you can also upload new images and delete old images, so you won’t have to battle with the limit.

Adding Texts To Your Design


Texts are vital when making any design. Though the templates available on DesignCap all come with default texts, you can add more texts by going to the “Texts” tab. You can easily choose the type of text you want – main heading text, sub-heading text, and body text. Interestingly, there are font editing tools available on the DesignCap interface to help you in customizing the texts in your design.

Modules: Diagrams, Infographic Tools, Stats Tools


On the “Modules” tab, you will find a lot of design tools – ranging from timeline templates, comparison templates, diagrams, SWOT, social icons, and so much more.

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Changing The Background


Also, there are lots of background designs to choose from. You can also make custom background designs for your creation. Simply head down to the “Background” tab and pick from the lots.

Using The Editing Tools

editing tools

The available editing tools depends on the element you’re trying to edit. When editing a text element, you’ll have access to font styles, font sizes, and more. Also, it is possible to change the font colors. Similarly, if you’re editing other elements, simply click the element and check on top of your workspace to see the available editing tools.

However, the “redo” and “undo” tools are available at the top menu. 

Finishing Your Design


After adding all the elements and editing them one after another, next is to export the design. You can directly print your design from DesignCap workspace; all you need is to click the dropdown icon beside the “Download” button and select “Print.” If you want to download your design right away, hit the “Download” button, and choose where to save the design.

Also, there are different formats to save your design; however, if you’re on the free plan, you’ll have limited export options. 

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DesignCap Review: My Verdict

Honestly, this web app is really impressive, and it is a reliable bait/alternative to graphics design software apps. There are tons of resources you will find on this app to create any kind of design you wish. Also, the workspace environment is intuitive and easy to use. DesignCap online graphic design tool can turn anyone into a pro graphic designer. You can create different designs, ranging from flyers, posters, infographics, social media page covers, and so much more. I’d recommend this app, and you can win a coupon to use the pro version in our giveaway below.

DesignCap Giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

  • The first person to drop a reasonable comment under this post is automatically a winner.
  • The remaining 9 winners will be picked from the widget below
  • Use the BONUS entry every day to gain more points

DesignCap Graphics Design App Licence Giveaway



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