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How to Design your Company Logo

Starting up a business is no piece of cake. It takes lots of blood, sweat, and tears to be able to build up a business and make an empire out of it. However, this article will bring you right back to the basics, where it all begins. – What gives a company its true identity? Maybe a good logo design?

Every person has a face but it’s their features that set them apart from the rest of the world. A logo is the face of every company. It is what customers/clients see first before testing out a product or place. A company is just an object that may or may not sell whatever it has to offer but a good and effective custom logo is something that could add character to any company if made the right way. Before coming to the point of how one who runs a business/company should design a logo which best represents its values and character, we should first run through a brief understanding of what a logo is, so as to know how to design one that is perfect for a business/company.

A logo consists of a set of texts and images that publicly identifies what a company or business represents. It is a symbol, a trademark, that preaches what a business sells in terms of product or service, giving potential customers a clear image of what values are followed by the brand and much more.

Why is a Logo Special?

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To every logo, there is a list of elements that makes it clearer to understand its importance. There are very rare cases when shopping online that a person looks at the details on the page. The first thing customers notice is the visual aspects among the content, and that is what leaves an imprint on whoever crosses it. A well-designed logo is a hub of building brand identity.


When talking about logos, the first element to pull it together is typography. It may consist of letters, a single letter, a monogram, or just the complete title of the company. Great detail should also be given to the style of each typography.


A logo is not only created around typography but sometimes it is accompanied by imagery, such as small objects, dots, slashes, or even numbers. It may look like very miniature/insignificant details but these tiny details are there for a reason. A dot could be there as a watermark or trademark from some part of the company.


Another element that makes a huge difference is choosing the right color. Classic logos are usually black and white or one solid color which can either be a stark red for something bold or sober blue to show sereneness. In some cases, logos are colorful and bold like the logo designed for the LGBT flag. It all depends largely upon the product or service each business provides. For example, you can’t have a colorful logo for a law company.


Contexts in logos can’t just go on everywhere, its placement matters. It depends on how and where you place them either on the company’s door, letterheads, business cards, and even merchandise.

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Now, back to our main purpose.

Now that it is more than clear what a logo, its importance, and elements are all about, let’s see how you can design a good company logo. Every business (big or small) needs a good custom logo design. You either attempt to design your business logo by yourself or hire a professional graphics designer who knows how to do the job. Either way, everyone needs to go through the steps below to create one.

Things to keep in mind when consulting a professional

Logo design

1. Know what your brand stands for

Knowing what your brand stands for is the biggest part of creating a logo that suits your company. If you don’t have an in-depth understanding of what your line of work is all about, the designing may be very vague.

2. What are you trying to sell/represent

Are you selling flowers or are you selling homes? A logo should represent the business or service. You can’t have a black and white logo if you’re a florist. You will need something much more colorful.

3. What audience are you targeting

How many clients are you looking to appeal? A certain number or everyone across the globe? A logo should fit the bill to appeal to all ages in all walks of life. However, it all depends on how a brand is presented, which in turn is what a logo stands for. For eg: the McDonalds logo is simple but bright. It attracts almost everyone but mainly the youth.

4. Consult a professional

When choosing a professional to take up your job make sure he/she fit the description of innovative, open-minded, hard-working and someone open to suggestions. The professional should be able to relate to you in a friendly and understanding way. That’s how the best pieces of art are created; in a calm and approachable atmosphere.

5. Brainstorm

You can’t build something without having enough ideas to make it happen. Brainstorming is very necessary for any creation. If you have a vision of what your logo should look like then jot it down because no idea is a bad idea.

6. Know your competition

Sometimes logos can clash if a lot of thought isn’t put towards its creation. Always study your competition, see what colors they use, what makes their logo great and how it attains an audience. What can you do to make it better than the rest?

7. Be an active part of the process

You should be involved in the whole process. It’s your baby after all and no one handles a baby better than its parents. Be there, be involved and make sure your ideas are heard while accepting other ideas too.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes

Once the logo is designed and you still feel like it doesn’t speak for your brand identity, don’t be afraid to ask for changes.

Things to keep in mind when designing your logo on your own

logo design

It’s okay to design a logo on your own and it can be a lot of fun. To do so you can follow the same absolute methods mentioned above apart from hiring a paid professional.

You can:

  • Brainstorm
  • Hook yourself up with a good designing software – checkout Fotor Logo Designer (recommended by Dopitech)
  • Look up tutorials on youtube or other websites providing guidance – read our how-to guides.
  • Look up other logos online to get a clear idea
  • Make rough sketches of what patterns you had in mind
  • Pick a theme, color, and font
  • Make as many options to choose the best one from
  • Surf the net for other websites that offer free logo making tools or apps

In Conclusion, anyone can design a logo but it takes great planning and a lot of brainstorming to create a logo for your company. It doesn’t matter whether you hire a professional or attempt to do it on your own; what matters is that your logo represents in very simple, attractive, innovative ways all that your company or business is trying to offer.


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