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How to upscale images losslessly: Top 4 Image Upscaling Software

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Looking for how to upscale images losslessly? All you need is an image upscaling software app. “Upscaling” has been a trendy word in the media industry; you’d either find people looking for how to upscale videos from low-res to UHD quality or enhance their local photos to appear much clearer.

Interestingly, there are quite a lot of image upscaling solutions out there; quite many of them are powered by A.I., while the others utilize patented image enhancement algorithms. Here, I’ve reviewed a few image upscalers available for Windows, macOS, and cross-platform.

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How To Upscale Images Losslessly

Using BigJPG AI Image Enlarger, the process of enhancing your local images is swift and straightforward. Firstly, you should visit the website, here.

  • Upload your image to the workspace and click on “Start.”
  • Choose the upscaling quality
  • Also choose the “Noise Reduction” level
  • Click “Ok” to start.

How Does Image Upscaling Work?

What is Image Upscaling? Image upscaling or image enhancement simply refers to the process of improving an image’s quality, mostly by resizing the size and adjusting several aspects to achieve a clearer, detailed image with higher resolution.

Top Best Image Upscaling Software

Most of these image upscalers work across platforms as web-based applications; you only need a web browser and an active internet connection to use them.

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1. Icons8 AI Image Upscaler

how to upscale images losslessly

This image upscaling solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust your images and photos to appear much better than before. It accepts JPG and PNG image files that are less than 5MB and then upscales them up to 3000 x 3000px losslessly.

However, this AI image upscaling app does not work for already “upscaled images.” That is to say, if you’ve previously upscaled an image, you can’t upscale that image further using this image upscaler.

This is regarded as one of the best image upscaling software because it utilizes the developer’s latest “Artificial Intelligence,” Super-Resolution, to upscale images.

2. BigJPG AI Image Enlarger

Image upscaling software

I had explained how to upscale an image using this online tool. The BigJPG AI Image Enlarger is a popular image upscaling solution available across platforms. It is also available as native applications for macOS, iOS, Windows OS, and Android OS.

This image upscaler utilizes a unique set of neural networks with a special algorithm. It delivers a better result than most other comparative AI image upscaling software apps. Interestingly, this app would retain your image/photo colors while delivering a lossless output.

You can upload large image files, up to 50MB, if you upgrade to the paid version. Free users are limited to 5MB file upload.

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3. Deep Image AI

how to upscale an image

The Deep Image AI tool works as an Image Upscaler and also an Image Enhancer. It can upscale low-res images and turn them into stunning masterpieces up to 25 megapixels photos. The supported resolutions (after upscaling) are 6250 x 4000, 12020 x 2080, or 5000 x 5000.

You can choose to upload and enhance your images one after another or take advantage of the batch upload option (works with Google Drive) to upload multiple photos at a go. This web app works by utilizing a set of cutting-edge algorithms for magnifying images up to 4x, based on Generative Adversarial Networks.

Interestingly, this app can also be used to enhance animations and it works for many other purposes, including enhancing products’ images for your eCom site.

4. Vance AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enhancer

Vance AI develops various AI-powered image enhancement solutions, deployed as web-based apps for cross-platform compatibility. The Vance AI Image Enlarger is a great image upscaling software app for everyone.

This AI Image Enlarger Online uses machine learning algorithms to improve images’ quality up to 100% at fast speed. Literally, you can upscale an image up to 8x using this tool. The workspace interface is simply intuitive and well-designed.

What More?

If you were looking for how to upscale images losslessly, hopefully, I have provided you with the tools you need to achieve lossless image upscaling. Obviously, there are other image upscaling software apps and solutions out there; however, these four (4) are the best I’ve seen so far.

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