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Is Vidmate Cash Real or Fake?

81 / 100

Vidmate Cash App is trending as one of the most popular mobile apps for downloading online videos. It is an app that allows you to download videos from multiple platforms and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and lots of others. However, the common debate has been, is Vidmate Cash real or fake?

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Well, the app is safe to use and has been constantly updated by the developers for some time now. Personally, the Vidmate Cash app is currently installed on my Android mobile. So, yes, the app is real and works exactly for the purpose. It can also be used to save WhatsApp statuses.

Is Vidmate Cash Real or Fake?

Vidmate Cash Real or Fake

Before now, I had put up a comprehensive review of the Vidmate Cash app, where I explained its features and functions. Apparently, the app is one of the coolest all-inclusive downloader apps I’ve used so far. That said, I can really say that it is “real”. But when people are asking if Vidmate Cash is real or fake, they are not talking of the video download feature.

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Vidmate Cash has an “Earn” feature that allows its users to earn money by completing some daily tasks – this is the feature people want to know if it’s real or fake. Well, I haven’t tried the “Earn” feature because I’m not living in a supported region. You have to live in select regions to enjoy the feature. However, a couple of users have confirmed the feature works fine.

You can download the Vidmate Cash app from the developer’s official website to ensure you’re installing the original app without any virus.

Can You Make Money with Vidmate Cash?

Yes, if you live in a supported region, you can earn money from the Vidmate Cash app by completing daily tasks. So far, the supported countries are India and Indonesia. For india users, your earnings will be sent direct to your linked bank account.

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