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Resoomer Review: How To Summarize Essays and Articles

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How to summarize essays and articles? The fact that you’re viewing this post, I presume that you’re my type of person – the lazy reader/writer. Honestly, it turns me off reading long texts or articles. So, I was searching for the best article/essay summarizers to add to my toolset, and then I stumbled on Resoomer.

No doubt at all, this summarizing tool is pretty useful, and it’s one of the best options out there. In this Resoomer review, I’d take you through the features of this tool, and how it can help to shorten long articles, texts, and essays, so you can skim through, quickly.

The Resoomer summarizing tool is meant for everyone; lecturers, professors, writers, journalists, students,… everyone. I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and it’s been great all along, so I thought it cool to share.

Resoomer Review: Possibly the Best Article Summarizer Out There

Resoomer Review: How To Summarize Essays and Articles

Put simply, Resoomer is a tool for summarizing long texts. It utilizes a set of advanced algorithms and AI technologies to identify the main points and sections of provided texts; hence, leaving you with the “Key Points” that summarize the entire text.

With this web-based tool, you can summarize and analyze argumentative texts, articles, scientific texts, history texts, and well-structured analyses of works of art. To use this tool, simply copy the text, paste it into the text box on the Resoomer website, and click the “Resoomer” bottom.

How To Summarize Essays and Articles

Article summarizing tools have gained more relevance in today’s world where most people would rather spend time listening to audio stories or video guides than reading texts. So, these tools help to make it easier to pick out the main points from blog stories, essays, and long texts. Here’s how to summarize essays and articles:

  • Choose an article summarizing tool of your choice (here, we picked Resoomer)
  • Visit the website of the summarizer tool you choose
  • Enter the article’s link or copy the text content into the workspace of the summarizer tool you picked
  • Click on the “Summarize” button (some tools may have another name for this button) and wait for a summary to be generated for you.
  • That’s IT! Simple and easy.

Resoomer Alternatives

Apparently, there are a number of good websites that allow you to summarize essays and articles in jiffy. Resoomer isn’t the only good one out there and as such, here are some ideal alternative tools you may want to check out:

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  • SummarizeBot
  • TLDR
  • Scribbr
  • ChatGPT

What More?

Resoomer article summarizer is pretty advanced and integrates advanced AI algorithms for article summaries. It is easily one of the best AI tools to summarize articles. So, if you’re out there looking for an app to summarize an article, this is a nice option.

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