UBA Domiciliary Account Requirements

There are quite different types of domiciliary accounts to open with UBA. However, the Dom Advantage Account is the most flexible and suitable for business people. UBA is obviously one of the most popular banks in Nigeria and Africa as a whole; having a dorm account with this bank seems a great idea. To open a domiciliary account with the United Bank of Africa (UBA), a minimum opening balance of $ 100 (dollars), € 80 (pounds) or ₤ 70(euros) is required.

Requirements to open a UBA Dorm Account

UBA dorm account

  1. A valid I.D.: can be an International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID card, or Voter’s card.
  2. Two passport photographs
  3. Any utility bill within the last three consecutive months
  4. Two satisfactory references which must be current account holders for Current Dorm Advantage Acct
  5. You must have an existing account with UBA (not less than six months old)
  6. Go to the bank and pick up UBA account opening form; complete the form, sign and submit
  7. Make the initial deposit or $100
  8. Ask the person attending to you for subsequent actions you need to undertake

Apparently, it takes 48 – 72 hours for your new UBA dorm account to be active and functional. However, if after 3 days your account is not yet active, you should visit a UBA branch and lodge a complaint.

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