3 Ways To Fix Final Fantasy XIV 90002 Errors

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The Final Fantasy XIV 90002 error code (Connection to server lost) has affected many people that play the game. Most users say that the error does not appear on the first screen or during the character creation menu. Regardless of where and when it appears, the Error code 90002 is mainly caused by a poor connection.

Interestingly, this article lists some of the most common causes of this error and how you can fix them. It’s going to be an interesting read, let’s roll.

Causes of Final Fantasy XIV 90002 Error?

1. Inconsistent IP Address:

One of the most common problems that can end up causing this problem is a problem with your current IP address or inconsistency with the transfer control system. If this condition applies, you should be able to fix the problem by restarting or resetting your router.

2. Level 3 ISP Note: 

If you are using an anonymous ISP, the downtime connection you are currently experiencing with Final Fantasy may be due to significant packet or packet loss between you and the server. This can be fixed by using a VPN to connect to your network. Some tips on AMTricks can help for this purpose.

3. Damaged game files: 

You can also see this error code due to an incorrect or malicious package exported. This could eventually break the connection to the game server if the game server decides to reject it. If this condition works, you should fix the problem by reinstalling the game and all related features.

4. Disable Avast Firewall: 

If you are using the Avast Firewall or Avast AV as third-party protection, you may be seeing this error due to a dispute between the security platform and the Square Enix mega-server. In this specific case, the user should solve this problem by disabling real-time protection or removing the third-party tool completely.

3 Ways To Fix Final Fantasy XIV 90002 Errors

Final Fantasy XIV Dopi Techologies

These are some of the surest ways to fix the 90002 error code from the Final Fantasy XIV game. If none of these worked for you, comment below for further assistance.

#Tip 1: Reboot Resetting your Router

According to other affected users, this problem can also be caused by your router’s incompatibility with IP or TCP. If this condition works, you should fix the problem by making a simple router restart. In extreme cases, you will need to reset the router to resolve the 90002 error that has plagued the Final Fantasy XIV franchise.

Start with a simple reset by pressing the power button on the back of the network application or unplugging the power cord from your router.

After doing this, you should expect to wait at least 30 seconds to make sure the electrical capacitors are completely discharged. Once you have done this, re-enable your router, wait for the Internet connection to be restarted, then restart Final Fantasy XIV and see if you can still detect error 90002.

If you do, you should improve by resetting the router. But before you do that, keep in mind that this function may overwrite certain custom settings you may have created earlier. This includes custom verification and forwarded ports that you may have previously repaired.

Note: Depending on your router, this may also set the ISP authentication of your current router, so be prepared to install it again once the reset process is complete.

#Tip 2: Use a VPN to avoid Level 3 ISP Node (if any)

If you look at this specific error code, the error can be interpreted as ‘Server or instant note has lost your connection’. If you do not experience the same problem with other games or applications, you should pay attention to your ISP.

Suppose you do not use the premium ISP (Internet Service Provider). In that case, you may be receiving this Final Fantasy login connection due to significant packet or packet loss between you and the server. Level 3 or the same unrestricted provider node standing between you and the game server may cause this problem.

If this situation works, you can contact your ISP and ask them to improve it or use a VPN service to avoid ISP Note.

#Tip 3: Disable Greater Sending 

As it turns out, the Disable Greater Sending error problem can also occur due to a Network Adapter setting called Large Send Offload. This network feature should prevent high-level protocols such as TCP from breaking large packets into a series of small packets with individual headers. This is usually good for network performance, but MMOs (including Final Fantasy XIV) tend to initiate random communication when this feature is enabled.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialogue box. Next, type ‘incpa.cpl’ inside the text box, then press Enter to open the Network Connections menu.
  • Right-click on your active Ethernet network within the Network Connections menu and click Properties from the context menu.
  • Within the Ethernet Properties menu, select the Networking tab and click Configure (under Connect using)
  • Once you have reached the Control Properties menu, select the Advanced tab from the horizontal menu at the top, choose Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4) from the Property menu, and set the value to Disabled.
  • Repeat the same with the Large Send Offload v2 (IPv6) area, then click Ok to save the changes.
  • Restart your computer and see if the task has been fixed.


These tips should help you to fix the 90002 error so you can enjoy your game peacefully as you should. If you know any other trick to get around this error, kindly comment below.

Originally posted on April 21, 2022 @ 5:35 pm

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