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Whogohost Hosting Review: my “dis-satisfactory” experience

  • Server uptime
  • Customer support
  • Pricing
  • Setup Simplicity

Whogohost Hosting Review

Whogohost provides web hosting services at beatable prices and it is very easy to set up a new website or configure an existing website to point to its servers but, the servers don’t seem to be consistent. Thus, you may be getting constant downtime notifications from your site monitoring tool/app.

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This is going to be a straight-to-point review for Whogohost Hosting. I actually bought one of their hosting package (Premium) for a client site not too long ago and honestly, the experience wasn’t a good one. The company has its HQ in Nigeria, W.A. and it is quite a popular name in the country. But, before you buy a hosting package from this company, read my unbiased Whogohost Hosting review. Also, you can check out my professional tips for buying a new hosting package for your websites/blogs.

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About Whogohost Hosting

WhoGoHost is a registered web solutions company (Ltd.). The company offers various web hosting solutions which include domain and server hosting. It has been a long for a while and there are apparently lots of people utilizing their service (mostly Nigerians). Actually, one of the reasons why Nigerians buy domain names or hosting packages from this company is because it offers a variety of freebies.

What took me to Whogohost

Whogohost review

View their pricing

A Nigerian client contacted me some time ago to move his WP website from an old server to a new one. I decided to go for Whogohost since it is among the leading server hosting companies in the country. Actually, the prices of their packages appear cheaper than some foreign website hosting companies; this was among my reasons to choose them.


  • Cheaper web hosting
  • 24/7 support
  • Intuitive client panel
  • Offers an array of varieties
  • Freebies are on all packages


  • Inconsistent servers
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My WhoGoHost Hosting Review

So I bought the premium hosting plan from WhoGoHost at NGN6,000 (annual payment). It comes with the following specification; 6GB Webspace, 30GB Bandwidth, Free .NG Domain, Free SSL Certificate, 10 Subdomains, 2 Hosted Addon Domain, 2 Parked Domains, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited SQL Databases, and PHP, CGI enabled. These specifications match my client’s site requirement. Thus, I had to go for it.

After I moved the WP website from its previous host to this new one, the site flew as a great speed at the meantime and both parties (I and my client) were happy about that. Now, after some days, my client reported to me that he gets constant notification of his site being offline by jetpack. I quickly checked the DNS configurations and Cloudfare SSL configurations; all looked perfect. Plus, it is evident that the site already points to Whogohost’s servers. So, I contacted the team, they replied my fast, and I give them credit for that.

Moving on, I explained the situation of things to the team and they pleaded to rectify the issue. The next day, I was told the issue had been solved. I was happy and updated my client too. Not long after, my client complained about the same problems and this time I got angry. Instead of complaining to the team for the second time, I tried to convince my client to move to another host which he accepted without hesitation. After moving the website to another hosting provider (NameCheap), my client has never complained of downtime anymore. His confessed that he loved the new host and has pushed many more jobs to me afterward.

My verdict

I believe that the cause of the constant downtime experienced by my client was due to a bug and it must have been fixed by the company. There have been many positive reviews about this company but, unfortunately, I didn’t get to give them a 5-Star rating. Nevertheless, I’ll go back to use WhoGoHost again to see if such an experience would occur again. However, this time I’d try that with one of my “test blogs” instead of a client’s website. If I get a positive experience after that, I will update this article.

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But one of my domains is hosted with this company

Yeah! I was rewarded with a free .ng domain from WhoGoHost for attending a tech conference, StartupAnambra2.1. This domain is still functioning up till now. Thus, I recommend WhoGoHost domain hosting services, but as for its Hosting services, I’d have to try it out again before recommending.


My Whogohost review is based on its hosting services. Like I just said, one of my domains is hosted with this company it’s still functioning up till now without any issues.

Originally posted on March 5, 2019 @ 6:19 am

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  1. Actually I wrote a detailed review of the web hosting company not too long ago and the same experience goes in line with what I found out.

    Really I was devastated but you can make use of their domain hosting but for website hosting, please look elsewhere to avoid problems and server downtime.

    Even if you went for their best web hosting plans or package it seem to be worser than the simple and easy package

  2. Thanks for the review dude. I was only helping a friend to check it out because he has a low budget and can’t afford a better hosting. But I guess I will be going for another alternative then. Thanks for the honest review

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