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Importance/effects of web traffic on websites and blogs

Traffic on the web are those signals, visits, impressions and clicks gained on a link; i.e. Website traffic is then the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website/page/blogs.
The success of a website/blog is highly dependent on the amount of traffic it generates daily. Web traffic is very important to every site owner because the essence of creating a website/blog is to reach out to many individuals and even the world at large. Also, a website without visitors is of no use and will definitely crash as soon as possible.

Web Analysis

I cannot talk about web traffic without including this sub-heading, the two works together. Web Analysis is the measurement of the behaviour of your website visitors. Getting enough traffic to your website is good but knowing what attracts more audience to your website/blog is one thing you should never fail to know.
Web Analysis lets you know what your visitors like most, the regions/areas from which you have the most traffic source and also the topics which brings the most visits, clicks, et cetera.
In highlights, here are the various types of information you obtain from web analysis.

  • The number of visitors to a website.
  • Average number of page views
  • Visitors durations.
  • Average page durations.
  • The most popular viewing time of the site – this helps a whole lot when trying to run campaigns.

Back to our main topic, What are the Importance/Effects of Web Traffic on a website?

There is much importance of web traffic on a website/blog. The larger the number of visitors to your website, the wider and exposed your website becomes. It also helps in generating leads and creating sales.

Web traffic is important and essential but you must note that not all traffic comes from a right source. Focus more on gaining real quality traffic than bot-generated traffic, because a bad traffic source will definitely destroy/ruin your website. – I would treat this in the next heading (Effects of website traffic).

A website with a large number of traffic is respected by many, and also ranks well in search engines(when properly optimized).

The advantages of a good web traffic on your website includes;

  1. It makes you look like a Pro/Geek/Expert.
  2. It gives you an edge over your counterparts.
  3. It adds value and rep to your website.

Effects of web traffic on websites and blogs

Like i said earlier, traffic generated from bots or a fake traffic source is very harmful and has the tendency of sending your website to the abyss. It affects your SEO ranking badly and also can lead to your website being hacked down by a Pro Hacker.

When you increase and build your website traffic from the right sources, you’ll have a super-authority over your audience which will lead to lots of benefits, viz: turning your visitors to clients and also supporters, make lots of sales on e-books, products or service(s).

How to build quality web traffic.

There are many ways to generate good traffic which would help your website ranking and also do you lots of good.

Social media

Some social networks record billions of daily active users, take advantage of this and go social with your website; create social media pages, run paid adverts and campaigns to get lots of real human followers. This will help drag a good number to your website on daily basis.

Off-Net adverts

Run adverts outside the cyberspace, create billboards/banners and advertise your website. Organise TV shows, conduct seminars and get more people to know about your website.

Write Quality Contents

The contents on your website determine the type of visitors you’ll get, inferior contents will only bring one-time visitors which would keep depreciating as the day goes by. In same fate, quality articles/contents bring about returning visitors and they’ll keep increasing daily.
Contents are the brainbox of a website, they control the visitors and also decides how your website would rank in search engines.

Ensure you do a proper SEO

Search Engine Optimization is still a great thing to think about when creating a website. A well-optimized website is sure to gain valuable traffic from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).

Guest Blogging

Invite others to write for you. initiate a “write for us” button on your website which would allow your visitors submit guest posts. Also, write for others in other to gain links.

Make sure your website is always responsive and loads fast because no one likes a sluggish website.

Get active on social media and always keep in touch with visitors comments.

Wrap Up:

Here is my short note tutorial on Website Traffic, feel free to add to this by commenting below, opinions and suggestions are also encouraged.
Thanks for rolling with me, do have a nice day friend!

Originally posted on September 20, 2018 @ 8:30 am

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