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Top 7 surefire ways to drive more traffic to your blog

Driving traffic to your blog is never easy. Most people find it frustrating to search for readers and increase the volume of impressions/page views for the articles they write. This frustration is double-folded when they discover that the earnings from the blog are directly related to the amount of traffic they receive. Frankly speaking, driving traffic to your blog is not an instant process, you have to work step by step. It will take some time before your presence gets noticed online which will drive more traffic to your blog. There are lots of good quality traffic will do your website which may cause you to check out this article on the importance of web traffic on websites or blogs. Here, I am going to discuss some proven ways to drive more traffic to your blog within the shortest timescale.

Surefire ways to drive more traffic to your blog

How to get more traffic

A lot of newbies take to buying traffic packages from different sellers/companies. While this might help to bring down your Alexa rankings, it is not healthy for your website. Therefore, you need to key into these proven methods, they work like magic and brings potential audiences to your blog/website.

1. Constant Unique Contents

The more you post articles on your blog, the more traffic you will get, it’s just as simple as that. Although this traffic does not rush in immediately you hit the publish button. Feed your readers/visitors with new threads often and they’ll always return to read more. Publishing at least once in 24 hours will help a new site to generate traffic on a daily basis because blogging is a great way of driving traffic to your blog.

2. Use Excellent Titles

Your content titles will determine if a visitor will click on the topic especially when it appears on SERPs. A compelling title does a marvelous job in attracting readerships; you can call it a door to the pool of contents available on your blog. You can use a Tile Generator to get the best professional title for each article you write on your blog. Or, use an analytics tool to discover which title pattern gets the most click on your blog.

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3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a surefire means to drive unlimited traffic to your website or blog. You can take to platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. and Twitter to drive more traffic to your blog. This is possible by creating a page for your website/blog, run campaigns to get followers, also run some giveaways to attract more followers. Once your social media fan base is strong and wide, definitely, you’ll get thousands of traffic each time you publish a new content.

Social Media is a perfect platform to market your contents in case you have no knowledge about search engine traffic antics but have contents that are viral in nature.

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4. Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Not everyone knows how to optimize a website for high-ranking on Search Engines. However, you can always engage the services of an SEO expert to tackle this for you if you can’t. SEO optimization is the combination of On-Page and Off-Page optimization techniques to improve your visibility in search engines results. Search Engine Optimization practices help to rank your articles higher than your competitors and if done so well, it drives influential traffic to your blog.

5. Optimize your articles – make them shareable

By this, I mean writing articles that people would love to share with others. Let say someone read your article and found it very helpful, what else is he/she going to do? certainly, the person would want to share it on various social media platforms. Therefore, you need to add social sharing buttons to your articles so that your reader will be able to share the article(s) on social media for others to come in and read it too. This way, you’ll get some reasonable traffic without promotion.

6. Add images to your content

Including images in your articles help to improve the readability of your contents, some people are graphics conscious; they’d always what to see the graphical representation of what you meant. Always add relevant images where necessary in all your articles; you can generate free images from various sources on the internet.

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7. Engage with your readers

Lastly, engaging with your audience is one of the foolproof ways to drive more traffic to your blog. Some readers are kind enough to drop comments after reading your articles; when they do so, they point out the minor errors/mistakes you made on the posts or compliment your writing skill, etc. These comments are very useful to you so that you’d know what your audience love reading about.

Also, on your social media fan pages try to be responsive and communicate with your followers, they can promote your articles freely by themselves.

What More?

You have just read the 7 surest ways to drive more traffic to your blog, this article was written by a guest. You can also add to this list by commenting below

Originally posted on October 18, 2018 @ 11:27 pm

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