Raptor Coat Paint: Are They Worth The Hype? Do They Last That Long?

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Ever thought of spiking your ride to appear more appealing? Well, one of the ways car enthusiasts “pimp” up their cars is by repainting the body. Repainting the body of your car can make heads “turn” when you drive past the streets and roads; however, this depends on the type and color of paint you choose – that’s where Raptor coat paints come into play.

What is a Raptor Coat Paint?

Raptor coats are a special kind of “wax” that adds a durable layer over your car’s actual paint to prevent the paint from fading away, or getting messed up by paint destroyers. When you apply Raptor on your vehicle, it can help to prevent against rust, bird shrimpings, UV rays, and other stuff that destroys car’s paints. This means you can go a whole say with your car’s paint still looking stunning an shiny like you just got out from a paint shop.

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Asides from the protective features a raptor coat will offer, the paints are actually cool. Applying a Raptor coat to a rugged SUV or your sleek-looking sedan will definitely cause the car to appear different on the roads. Makes you feel like you’re driving a Ford Raptor? Well, something like that. Many car enthusiats and off-roaders are definitely choosing Raptor coats for their vehicles and their are apparent – quality and durability.

Can You Paint a Car with Raptor Liner?

Raptor Coat Paint

For sure, yes, you can spray Raptor on your 4WD vehicle and watch it last pretty much longer than you even expected. While most people don’t use Raptor coats to paint/coat their SUV’s entire body, there’s actually nothing wrong in doing that, and it saves you some dough ($$$) than going for automotive paints.

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But then, before you start coating your car with Raptor Liner, ensure that you can protect the car from water for at least 72 hours. This is becuase Raptor Liner is not supposed to come in contact with water for the first 72 hours of its application. However, after 72 hours, the coating has cured completely, then you can go about your daily car wash routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Raptor Coat Waterproof?

Yes, Raptor coat is waterproof, but that’s after it has cured completely. You should let it cure for at least 72 hours before letting the car come in contact with water. The waterproof capabilities of Raptor coat is what makes it prevent your car’s body from rusting.

Does Raptor Coat Fade?

The truth remains that any paint, wax, or coat you add to your car will fade at some point. But Raptor? It’ll take years before it starts to fade and that makes it a better option than most other alternatives out there. Raptor coats are tough, made with a fortified formula that makes them hold up longer.

Does Raptor Coat Stick to Alloy?

Yeah, Raptor coats are not for the car’s body paint alone – you can have them applied to your car wheels that are made of alloy. Raptor coats stick well on steel and alloy wheels, so you can go ahead and have a wholesome coat to keep your vehicle looking great in-toto.

What More?

In conclusion, Raptor coat paint is the secret ingredient many car enthusiats and DIYers are using to transform and maintain the looks of their 4WDs and off-roading monsters. Interestingly, Raptor coats are not to expensive to buy, and you will find in most automotive stores. You can apply Raptor paints to virtually any SUV, whether it a Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, or Kia vehicle. While you can DIY the application, it is better to have a professional do it for you.

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