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Top 6 amazing apps for carpenters and woodworkers

Since technology has engulfed almost all aspects of our lives, there are many apps that are coming through that target different professions. Some time back it was only geeks and techies that were into technology now the technology has an appeal for stay at home moms even. In this article are the 6 amazing apps for carpenters and woodworkers. This means that woodworkers have to make use of technology as much as anyone and they may be surprised at how much their phone can help them do their job.

6 amazing apps for carpenters and woodworkers

There are several dozen apps on app stores that can be very useful for carpenters. We have selected the six best. Enjoy. They have premium versions anyway, but it is not so costly.

1. Woodcraft


Woodcraft is a premium app, make no mistake about it. It is not that cheap either. Priced at $19.99, it is slightly expensive for sure – or is it? Because once you start using this app, you will see that this one-time pricing is quite reasonable. You can create any concept whatsoever. You can merge elements like 3D and CAD together.

Download from Apple Store or Download from Playstore

2. Stanley Level App

Stanley Level App

Stanley Level App is another great carpenter app that allows you to concentrate on various levels. Once you configure it, it will become a real leveler that means when you are in need of using leveler you can use your phone to see if the measurements are right. There are various numeric units that tell you how far you are off the center. You can choose the styles that suit you best.

Download from Apple Store

3. Plumb Bob 5th

Plumb Bob 5th

Plumb Bob is a simple yet very effective app. It allows you to determine if an object is plumb and vertical or not. The app is available for all Apple devices like iPad, iPhones, and iPod. The app supports 3D simulated plumb and shows you elements from multiple angles.

Download for: Android iOS

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4. Woodmaster


Woodmaster is a very feature filled app that is suitable for premium users. At one time membership of $7.99, you can be sure that you are getting a good bargain. The app focuses on conversions, reference materials, and measurement & mathematics.

The stand out feature is the foot calculator that allows you to calculate board feet. There is also a fraction calculator. The app will tell you the ratio of any measurement. Measurements such as screw size, shank size, and others.

Download for: Android iOS

5. Photo Measures


Photo Measures is an app for both Android and iOS. You can calculate, determine, save, and share the dimensions of photos and various objects on it. You can use it to take measurements of a blank room or a furnished room to get exact measurements for furniture placement and design.

This app has both a free version and a premium version with the latter costing at $6.99. Many people regard Photo Measures as the quickest way to design furniture and woodwork for the clients.

Download for: Android iOS

6. iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter is a straight-forward yet a comprehensive app that features five tools upfront for you: plumb bob, bubble level bar, surface level, steel protractor, and steel ruler. The goal is simple: to help you attain the most accurate measurements you can. You can measure objects both horizontally and even the verticality of the walls. If you are a carpenter, this app is a must-have for you.

Download from Apple Store

What More?

Most especially, these are the core most amazing carpentry apps for everyone who deals with woodwork or furniture. You can add to this list by commenting your own favorite app.

Originally posted on November 8, 2018 @ 11:01 am

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