How to publish multiple posts/pages on WordPress

Well, no one may seem to need this but trust me, some people are searching for this help online. Actually, I’m writing this tutorial because I’m a victim of this too. I was to publish about 20 posts which were on my draft at the same time, hence, I’m showing you how I did it. In this WP tutorial, you’ll learn how to publish multiple posts or pages at the same time in just a few seconds. I have written quite some helpful WordPress tips here on dopitech, read them here  – Dopitech’s Intuitive WordPress Tutorials.

How to publish multiple posts/pages on WordPress

This does not require any special knowledge or plugin to happen. Simply select the posts or pages and hit the publish button. Surprised? Okay, here’s what I meant.

Login to your WP dashboard

On your WP dashboard, navigate to the posts menu and then drafts. Now, you’ll have to select all the posts you wish to publish at the time by ticking on the checkboxes beside them. Click on the checkbox beside the “Title” option to highlight all posts on drafts. Check the screenshot below if you are not clear.

publish bulk posts

Bulk edit them

On the top left corner, you’ll see the “Bulk Actions” menu. Click on the drop-down menu, select “Edit“, and then click on “Apply“. It will take you the final step.

bulk publish WP

Publish the posts

Now, choose the categories where the posts will be filed under and also set the tags. Even so, you can even select a specific author and assign the posts to him/her. Once you’re done with this edit, hit the “Update” button and the posts will all be published at once.

Publish multiples posts at once

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What More?

The whole posts you selected will be published immediately bearing the name of the author you selected and the filed under the category you indicated. For publishing bulk Pages at once, it is the same process. But, instead, you’ll navigate to the pages tab from your WP dashboard and not posts.

How to publish multiple WordPress pages

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Navigate to pages
  • Select the wholes pages
  • Click on “Bulk Actions” and choose “Edit”
  • On the Status option, select “published”
  • Click on “Update” button to effect changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you choose individual dates for the posts?

Nope, the posts or pages you publish through this method will carry the date of the day this action was done. However, you can individually change the dates using the “quick edit option

change date WP

Does this method have any side effect?

Absolutely NO, there is no side effect of using this method.

Originally posted on November 9, 2018 @ 2:02 pm

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