Introducing Opera Touch: a mobile browser with difference

Hei there! Opera has just launched a lightning speed mobile browser which lets you do lots of web stuff with just one hand. The company tends to increase its mobile presence with this app. Opera Touch Mobile Browser App was announced at an event in Oslo; it comes with lots of impressive features including “Flow“. Flow is a technology feature that lets you communicate directly between two or more connected devices.

Opera Touch Mobile Browser

This innovative app from Opera is technicized to be used with just one hand; which means you can now surf and explore the web using one hand. The google search bar delivers quick and instant search results – you can as well swipe the button up to see your recent tabs and the browser navigation.

On launching the App or opening a new tab, it automatically activates the address bar with your keyboard pulled. You would not be needing to stretch your thumb towards the top menu to tap on the address bar before entering your search keyword or web address. Opera Touch is instantly ready to search on launch. Just start typing, scan a QR code or use voice search.


  1. Save and secured web browsing: Opera Touch uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data, information, and details.
  2. Native Ad-blocker: Prevents unwanted/irrelevant Ads from disturbing your internet surfing.
  3. A simple and Friendly UI: This application has a simple, cool, and friendly interface – you’d definitely love it.
  4. Browse and search on the go: Just launch the app and starting typing on the go, or scan the QR code of a product and look it up online.
  5. FLOW: Seamlessly connects your smartphone and PC

Opera Flow

I’d be talking more about this feature  – Flow, packed by Opera Touch App as it is the most interesting feature available on the app. Opera Touch uses this feature called “Flow” to get you connect with your devices across all platforms or OS; getting all your devices connected through a single medium has never been this easier.

How to explore the opera flow feature on PC and mobile?

First, download and install the Opera web browser for PC on your computer and also install the Opera Touch app on your mobile device(s), then proceed to set-up.

Follow these steps to synchronize and communicate seamlessly your devices via Opera Flow

Step One:

Launch the Opera web browser on your PC, head to the left sidebar and click on the flow button (icon) – screenshot is shown below. You’ll find the flow icon immediately after the search icon



Click on connect a phone – a QR code will appear when you click on this option.

Step two (on your mobile device)

Open the Opera Touch App and click on “connect to a computer“, further click on scan QR code and place your phone camera directly to the QR code on your computer.

Once the App detects the QR code, it marks a good √ sign and that’s all! You can start the communication between the connected devices ASAP. You can send images, links, videos, URL’s, and notes to yourself using Flow.

opera mobile browser Opera Touch Mobile Browser


Wrap Up:

This is just an introductory post on the newest Opera mobile browser – Opera Touch. The browser is indeed awesome and packs a lot of interesting features which you’d find very useful.  Opera Touch Mobile Browser/App encrypts all data sent through/into it, so it private, safe and secured.

What do you think about this App? Let’s hear your opinions/views.

Originally posted on September 22, 2018 @ 5:46 am

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