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[Updated] Essential Apps/Software For Development Teams (2022)

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Not using the right applications to manage your team operations will affect productivity and other things too. The simple truth about the most successful development teams is that they have engaged with remote essential apps/software which are perfect for increasing productivity among the members.

Well, heading a development team is not as easy as it seems, from daily activities to personal issues which may cause one to lose focus, and in turn, affect a team’s performance negatively.

Most times, there is good communication, goals are well-defined, and tasks for every member of the team is precise, but your tools aren’t just working right for you. Then you come out with the question; what should I do? Not to worry the answer to your question is right in this article.

In this article are lists of essential tools that will help reduce the much stress involved in leading a development team and improve productivity. These tools are affordable, works well for team collaboration, and equally for remote employees. Apparently, they are your team needs to operate at maximum efficiency and achieve massive results.

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The best software for development teams


loom app

Loom is a screen recording tool that has gain tremendous attraction over the years. Many development teams are using it for troubleshooting remote activities of the team members.

It is well known for capturing videos of bugs and mistakes and sharing them with the development team for review. Loom allows it’s users to record videos of their products and troubleshoot on the go, saving them many hours when the project is complete and ready for the market. Also, it is versatile and adaptable to many functions; client success or database management.

This utility tool is needed for improved productivity among development teams; it is arguably the best software for development teams.



An excellent/distintive project management app; Active Collab is intuitive, and it’s good for fantastic reporting and budgeting. Using this dynamic collaboration tool requires very little training, anyway.

However, unlike Trello, Active Collab is a little more in-depth and has a time tracking tool which you can use to track your work and bill your clients appropriately for service provided by your team. The app allows its users to set tasks, add/edit projects and team members, track work hours, and issue invoices for their work if deemed fit. It is a tool that can be installed on personal or business server or set on a cloud server. It packs a set of flexible project management features.

Also, it is basically a free app. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay a fee to explore all of its fascinating features. For five users and 5GB of cloud space, a monthly charge of $25 per month is what you’ll pay. While, for more premium functions and up to 500GB of cloud space, you pay $299 per month.

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Arguably, almost every web and app development team uses ST – Sublime Text Editor; it is one of the most popular text editors with extensive features. Sublime text comes with Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

IDE is any program that consolidates most apps used for development into a single application. Developers already know how stressful a coding task can be, but, with the sublime editor, workload becomes minimal for every member of a team. This app is freely available to all developers, both individuals or group (team). It is almost impossible to talk about the best software for development teams without mentioning Sublime Editor.


Google docs is a free, cloud-based word processor offered by the tech giant – Google. It creates an avenue for development teams to work, edit, share, and manage each others work remotely.  The app is totally available for free and you can also download the add-ons for more improved features which will boost your team productivity.

Interestingly, Google docs also integrates with various other programs including Clickup.



CLICKUP is an excellent project management tool suitable for all development team irrespective of their size. It is a productivity app that helps to boosts a team’s result and make every member become more productive with notes, tasks, projects, and time. The tool allows for an easy and quick overview of a completed task, dependencies, and works in progress. If the guys at Apple and Google are using this tool, definitely, your team also needs it too.

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trello logo

Trello is a user-friendly platform; the tool helps development teams to synchronize and share ideas, plus, project details easily. With the Trello tool, users can easily add attachment, dates, comments and more on a project page.

Being a free tool, any development team not minding it’s size and capital can get access to it. It has a card that contains information on any task or project which allows for further edit of the work or for the task to be moved by the team members/management.

How to use Trello?

  1. Create your board
  2. Send invites to team members to participate
  3. Add lists to direct workflow and create accountability
  4. Create individual cards for separate tasks in each list (anyone in the team can modify this)
  5. Add details and dates to each of the cards
  6. Move cards across lists to show progress or completion

In conclusion

There are the 6 good apps for development teams. No successful development team can say that they made it without the right tools for the job. The tools listed in this article are among the best and widely used tools in the area of development. These tools are trusted to provide you and your teams with features that will help you effectively manage your team and increase productivity. You’ll find quite a lot of tools out there that will help your team achieve success. However, the main issue is finding what best suites and works for your organization.

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