Rank Websites in Google First Page

Step By Step Guide on How to Rank Websites in Google First Page

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Originally posted on July 16, 2019 @ 3:01 am

Getting started with Amazon audible will be from the Amazon website or the Google Play store. It is happening, as both are trusted. Similarly, if you own an e-commerce channel or any informative website, it must come on the top or 1st page of Google search engine. There are many internet strategies involved in this. However, following a webmaster’s guide will help to increase your online visibility because they know of the latest updates from Google and internet technology.

How to Push your Website to the First Pages of Search Engines

Here, we have discussed the latest trends and strategies to implement and get your website visible on the top of search engine result pages – SERPs.

SEO optimization

1.Web Indexing by Google

Obviously, you have invested a few or massive capital on your website. However, that money does not have any value if you don’t rank on search engines. Notwithstanding, you must index your website with Google before the site can appear on search results.

How to check and see if Google indexes your site

  • Go to google.com
  • Type your full website name or URL as a search keyword. E.g., type “Dopi Technologies” in the search bar
  • If your site is indexed, the link to your homepage should be the first on the search result page.
  • If your website is not reflecting at all, your website is not indexed with Google.

Google indexing is a priority for a new website or blog; this will help to announce your site online presence. Also, being that Google search engine is the most popular and most used search engine, it is advisable to index with Google, after which you can go on to index with Bing, Yandex, and other search engines.

When you index your website with Google, it will optimize your texts soon. It will take less time to find your website when a person searches the web for a product or services.

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2.   Add SEO Optimized Contents on your Website

Adding more of SEO optimized contents will cause your site or blog to rank in the search engine pages. Streamlined contents with possibly long-tail keywords are the better way to pull your website on the top of the first page because people’s searches are widening, as they want the best product or services or correct information over the internet. Thus, they search by adding location and local slang apart from the main keyword. It is evident by checking the latent semantic indexing.


  • While creating your website contents or blog posts, ensure proper utilization/spread of the main keyword(s), as well as LSI keywords.
  • Add new keywords when any of them exceeds the previous one in latent semantic indexing.
  • Engage a professional freelance writer to help write your website contents or blog posts if you aren’t so good in that.

It is advisable to use a paid site to check latent semantic indexing for the long tail keywords. It will optimize and bring your website on the first page.

However, you must check with your competitor’s website too. If you can add more long-tail keywords than your competitor, you can see your ranking will increase on the search engine.

3. Audit your Website

Furthermore, you need to run audits of your website from time to time. This way, you can detect if your website rating/ranking is increasing or decreasing. There are many tools available to check these features. You can make use of Moz free tool. However, you may need to engage an expert auditor or SEO geek to help you out if your rankings are coming down over time.

4. Website Quality

Everything on your website matters to come on the top or first page. The quality must be there in your text content, video contents, and infographics. Your website images, photos, and videos should be optimized to load very quickly; if possible, they have to load within five seconds or less.

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Moreover, you must meet the demand for mobility customers too. In this way, you can make visitors stay on your website as they feel it user-friendly. It will once again convert them from an ordinary visitor to potential customers over time. Thus, try to ensure that your website or blog is mobile-friendly.

5. Backlinks are still needed

Getting more useful links on your website also helps to increase your site rankings and ratings. This means obtaining backlinks from other related websites or contents; backlinks do not only help in ranking you high on SERPs, but they also help to draw more organic visitors to your page. But you must that it is quite costly to get backlinks to your site. Nevertheless, there are a couple of backlinks tools you could use for this.

Wrap Up:

Many other developments are happening with internet technology. You have to implement them in your digital marketing to improve your visibility of the website on the first page of Google.

Author Bio:

Nishil Prasad is an outgoing writer filed with passion for what he does. Prasad wrote an extensive article on the best audiobooks of all time. Also, he writes more handy contents on Speakaudible.


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