Easiest way to add Adsense to AMP for wordpress

If by now you have not optimized your website for seamless mobile experience, then, you’ll gradually fall out of trend/shape soon. Due to the profuse number of high-end smartphones/mobile devices being unveiled almost every month the highest percentage of web visitors now come from mobile. Therefore, every website owner (individual or company) should take to optimize their website(s) to become absolutely mobile friendly. However, some themes are naturally mobile friendly, howbeit, Google prefers AMP mobile-friendly pages over your default theme mobile template. Some people do not like AMP because although it is intuitive to configure, monetizing your AMP pages is always a big issue for most bloggers/webmasters. With all these said, let’s discuss how best you can add Adsense to AMP for WordPress.

AMP for WordPress

First, let’s discuss AMP which stands for Accelerated Mobile Page.

It is an open source initiative supported by technology companies like Google and Twitter. The goal of the project is to make web content load faster for mobile users. – WP Beginner

How to add Adsense to AMP for WordPress

Undoubtfully, this is the biggest challenge people face after installing/setting up their mobile page with AMP.  Well, I just figured out how you can easily fix this if your website runs on WP CMS. Actually, these methods here do not require any coding knowledge, just some simple tweaks. This is one of the things people love WordPress over other CMS like WIX, JOOMLA, etc.

So, on our main focus for today, let’s kick-off!

Google Auto Ads for AMP

  • Sign in to Google Adsense
  • Click on the “Ads” option
  • Navigate to Auto Ads for AMP
  • Activate
  • Follow the next processes below

Copy this code below and paste it in between the <head> </head> tags in your AMP HTML.

<script async custom-element="amp-auto-ads"

Also, copy this code too and paste it in-between the <body></body> tags in your AMP HTML

<amp-auto-ads type="adsense"

Note: remember to replace the data-ad-client i.d

If you this method to be stressful, then, you should try this other one;

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Adsense for AMP

Just as you would install every other plugin on your WP site; take to the plugins tab and click on add new. To do this, follow here >>>WP dashboard>>>plugins>>>add new>>>search for Adsense for AMP. OR, download the plugin – Adsense for AMP

Install/upload the plugin, then, activate it.

Now, after activating the plugin, go on to add your Adsense id. Here is what i meant;

Adsense for AMP

However, there are only two places you can place ads on your AMP pages if you use the free version of this plugin; Above Content Ads and Below Content Ads. If you want to access more placement options, then, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version of this tool.

Below is how to spot your Adsense “Ad Unit ID and Publisher ID”

Publisher ID is indicated on your ad code in this manner – ca-pub- 5332653xxxxxxxx while the Ad unit ID appears this way – data-ad-slot-xxxxxxxxx. Check the screenshot below.

Add adsense to AMP for WordPress

At this point, adverts will start to display on your AMP pages and your earning will increase further.

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Originally posted on October 31, 2018 @ 9:07 pm

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