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NobleBird MultiFunction OTG Adapter Review

These days no one wants anything that would stress them one bit. With the introduction of OTG devices, it is now very much easier to move or copy your files from a Laptop/Desktop to a mobile device without any iota of stress; simply plug in your OTG USB 2.0 outlet to the computer and plug in the mobile USB outlet to your device, then, start moving/copying immediately. Technology has really made everything go well for everyone. So, today, I want to review the NobleBird Multi-Function OTG Adapter.

This is more like a hub anyway; it has two side ports of different sizes for your SD cards. This adapter supports tons of various SD cards which include; SD/Mini SD, HS Mini SD, Ultra SD, Ultra II SD, Ultra II SD Plus, SD-Ultra-X, Ultra Speed SD, SD Pro, SD Elite Pro, SDHC, MMC, HS MMC, and so many others.

NobleBird MultiFunction OTG Adapter Review

This is perfect for travelers and photographers. It allows people of these professions to easily move the images they have captured with their camera to their smartphones so they can easily share it to their various social media. One thing I love about this device is that it is useful for everyone with no exception. It includes many features that make it relevant for everyday mobile phone users and PC operators.

NobleBird Adapter

If you have a smart TV at home that supports OTG, connect the NobelBird multifunction adapter and watch movies saved on your SD cards. Interestingly, this adapter is compatible with all Windows versions, Android OS, and all the SD cards you can ever own.

Features of NobelBird Multifunction Adapter


The design is quite stylish, just the way it should appear. An effective cover is there to protect the USB connectors (Male connector and Micro connector). This would prevent dust from rusting the connectors so that they would last over a long period of time.


As I have said earlier, it is completely compatible with all Windows versions, Android OS, and can read files from all the SD/MMC cards. Naturally, not all USB devices or card readers are compatible all Microsoft Windows versions especially Window 8.1. But, the NobleBird’s Adapter is seamlessly compatible with this Windows version.


Depending on your occupation/profession or if you’re just a regular smartphone user who has a laptop PC, there are many things you can do with this device. It would help you move files in between your PC & mobile device immediately without any traditional process. Also, camera owners will now be able to transfer their shots to a smartphone or computer easily while on-the-go.

What’s inside the hood?

With the high rate of fake card readers and USB devices in the market which is built with fake chips, you need to shop wisely. Well, this device is built with premium chips that won’t corrupt your cards as you insert them. Also, it would not corrupt your files as you move them from one device/storage to another. The chip is reliable.

Do I recommend this?

Sure I do, the device is very useful for the various purposes it will serve. However, it is sold at a giveaway price ($6.99). If you buy from the link below, you would additionally get a 70% discount offer which means you’ll be buying this useful device almost Free; $2.1 after applying the coupon.

Simply follow this link and apply the coupon code at checkout for the discount. –

41% off

Buy the NobleBird's multifunction adapter at $2.1

More Less


Originally posted on November 3, 2018 @ 7:02 pm

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