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5 Tips to Protect Your Privacy by Protecting Your Smartphone

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Almost everyone in today’s world is using a smartphone, even though it varies in size, color, technical specifications, brands, etc. People are buying a unit because of its usability and multi-tasking abilities. It is advisable you protect your privacy by protecting your smartphone.

Entertainment, helpful tools, and browsing services are only a few of the features a smartphone has in store for you. Capturing moments is very easy with smartphones because they pack stunning camera qualities. When you come across tussles, puzzles or tough questions, you can simply Google the answer with your smartphone.

Also, you gain access to use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to communicate and reach out to more friends. Talk to your friends and families online using Skype, Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk.

When you own a smartphone, you’ll likely never be bored as there are tons of interesting games to get engaged with. All these functions or activities we have listed here are what you can do by just tapping your smartphone’s screen with your fingertips.

Smartphones are surely one of the coolest gadgets ever invented but, they can also be your worst enemy because it can compromise your privacy. Take note of these 5 tips on how to protect the privacy on your smartphone (or tablets)

Smartphone Privacy Tips

1. Take Caution When You Go On Wi-fi Connections

You take the risk of compromising your phone’s security when you use Public Wi-Fi networks. So before connecting your smartphone to any Wi-Fi connection, remember to turn off the sharing features on your phone.

Bluetooth can also put your phone’s privacy in danger. This wireless method allows you to exchange files or share internet connections with other users. When this feature is turned on, other people can look through the contents of your phone. So turn this off.

2. Don’t Forget To Lock Your Phone

Putting a lock code on your phone is one of the most basic security measures out there but on the off-chance that you haven’t done that yet; you can either use a PASSWORD code which needs alphanumeric characters or a pattern lock that lets you draw a personalized shape or figure on your phone.

To set up a lock pattern/password for your smartphone simply visit the security settings menu on your device settings. You can as well up a SIM card lock to restrict a third party user from accessing your contacts list and messages. This is very helpful in case you misplace your smartphone or maybe it was stolen from you; you get rest assured that your contacts, call log, and messages are safe and inaccessible.

3. Secure Your Password:

You should, on no account, give out your passwords to strangers. Sometimes, even when you’re being careful, you may have thoughtlessly entered your password into one of the online stores you browsed through.

There are quite a lot of phishing websites disguised as online shopping websites, online banking, social media, crypto sites, etc., that require you to fill out your information, such as email address, password, and credit card details to access their services. Kindly stay out of these types of websites, except they are trustworthy and use Enterprise Blockchain technology – imagining what is blockchain technology? It’s the newest secure tech used by enterprises and even SMEs.

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4. Manage Your Privacy Settings

The Geotagging feature on smartphones helps to detect and tag the location or address where the smartphone user is. Social media websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare use this feature to display your location to your friends and followers on social media.

If you wish to remain private online, then you should deactivate or disable GPS service/settings on the apps on your smartphone.

5. Use Safe Sources to Download Apps:

There’s a wide range of free and inexpensive apps available for smartphones. This might seem like a fun advantage, but you have to be careful about which applications you download. Find trustworthy sources and stick to downloading your apps from there; we have Google Playstore for Android users, iTunes Appstore for iOS/iPhone users, and BlackBerry World for Blackberry users.

Always beware of Phishing websites since the apps they offer are designed to steal your information.

So there you have it: a couple of tips you can follow to ensure your phone and privacy is protected.

Wrap Up:

We hope these tips will help to keep your information safe and private as you surf the unlimited world of the internet using your smartphone. Kindly reach out to us if you need helpful tips on how to secure your information and make them remain private for life.

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